magazine ISQ

The Journal Technology & amp; Quality is one of the dissemination vehicles of different technological areas where the ISQ is involved.

Past an interruption in the publication of the magazine Technology & amp; Quality is reissued in the year ISQ celebrates 50 years.

The magazine Technology & amp; Quality semiannually resumes his mission to news relevant and innovative topics in different areas of engineering and technical consulting publishing technical and scientific articles written by employees and external partners making known the ISQ activity areas and presenting its domestic subsidiaries and International.

There will also be a space for customers and partners who are the first reason of the existence of ISQ .

In the 1st number of the new series of the magazine Technology & amp; Quality elect to present the diversity and multiplicity of areas activities and services that currently characterize the ISQ Group in Portugal and in the World. Past half century on the creation of so Welding Institute (IS), which became the largest national technological infrastructure ISQ today present in two dozen countries on four continents are recognized for their competence and integrity that provides its inspection services testing testing and technical advice to all sectors of the economy.

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