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knowledge network

To support its activities, ISQ has a modern and well-equipped network of knowledge and technology centres, R&D+i centres, centres of excellence and accredited laboratories.

Knowledge and Technology Centres

The KTC – Knowledge and Technology Centres, are functional units with dedicated and technologically equipped physical facilities, including accredited laboratories. They focus on certain areas of knowledge and house multiple skills, acting as centres for interaction with new areas of science and technology. They assess technological readiness, research trends and future applications, and the capacity to apply new technologies on the market, including the provision of consultancy and engineering services for the application of technology in the Portuguese business fabric.

Centres for Research and Development + Innovation

Our R&D+i Centres (Research and Development + Innovation) focus on basic and applied science research and the application of future technologies in solutions that are ready to be put on the market, and on the optimisation of technologies and processes. They are distributed in the different KTCs and work in coordination with national and international institutions to contribute to the progress and evolution of knowledge.

Centres of Competence – Affiliated Companies

Since the 1990s, ISQ has invested in new businesses and companies which, in some cases, are spin-offs from its activity, and in others are simply the result of new opportunities or the benchmarking of its own activities. This network of affiliated companies represents specific centres of competence, some of which are leaders in their segments.

National and International Consortia, Partnerships and Protocols

Our Knowledge Network is supported by a group of external nodes that extend and multiply its capacity to add and create value. From consortia to associations, some led by ISQ, our presence allows us to capitalise on and contribute to knowledge.

Accredited Laboratories

Our network of fixed and mobile accredited laboratories covers the entire territory.