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An extended network of partners and services in which ISQ holds stakes

Since the 1980s, ISQ has invested in new businesses and companies which, in some cases, are spin-offs from its activity, and in others are simply the result of new opportunities or the benchmarking of its own activities.

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Affiliated Companies in Portugal

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3S Bluestabil – Stability Studies Services

Provision of services in the area of ​​stability studies, namely storage under controlled environmental conditions, thus ensuring the safety and traceability of products.
  • +351 962 217 635

ASK – Advisory Services Kapital

Operations in the areas of corporate finance, venture capital fund management and equity management, both directly and through affiliated companies.

  • +351 213 932 420

CNE – Centro Nacional de Embalagem

Performs tests to assess the physical and mechanical characteristics of packages and packaging materials at the CNE Laboratory, and verifies the suitability of materials intended to come into contact with food.

  • +351 214 229 016
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dBwave.i – Acústica e Vibrações

Noise and vibration tests, acoustic studies and projects and corrective action plans.

  • +351 214 228 197

ISQ e-Learning

Talent management software Implementation and digital solutions

  • +351 302 099 800

ISQ Engenharia

Provision of services in the areas of mechanical engineering, especially in the calculation-based assessment of suitability for service (maintenance area), as well as consultancy, engineering design and development of engineering software.

  • + 351 214 234 081

ISQ Internacional

Its main mission is the internationalisation of ISQ’s services.
It is a public limited company in which ISQ is the majority shareholder.

  • +351 214 229 438

LABIAGRO – Laboratório Químico, Agroalimentar e Microbiológico

Labiagro is a Chemical and Microbiological Laboratory, focused on quality control and food safety.
It provides knowledge to supplement decision making and offers specialised services and integrated solutions that result in a significant improvement in the performance levels of organisations participating in the food chain. It also improves processes and therefore safeguards consumer health and well-being, contributing to minimising public health risks.

  • + 351 214 229 087


A EN ISO IEC/17025 accredited gas emissions and olfactometry testing laboratory, the only one in Portugal with accreditation for odours. It exclusively works in the “premium” segment of the emissions sector, conducting guarantee tests on monitoring and EN 14181 systems.

  • +351 223 325 134

SO – Intervenção em Saúde Ocupacional

Provides services in the areas of Occupational Health and Safety.

  • +351 214 229 427

Sondar.i – Amostragens e Tecnologias do Ar

Accredited testing laboratory for a wide range of physical-chemical parameters emitted by stationary sources.

  • +351 234 397 790

SONDARLAB – Laboratório da Qualidade do Ar

Accredited laboratory for the characterisation and assessment of ambient air quality.

  • +351 234 366 170


ISQCTAG is the result of a strategic partnership between ISQ and CTAG to form a company dedicated to the automotive sector.
It provides process engineering and robotics services and automotive component testing laboratories (environmental, material, fire and defect tests) accredited by ISO/IEC 17025

  • (+351) 258 027 329

Labcal Portugal

Statutory Metrology Activities: Metrological Verification Body (MVB) for car park and parking meter management systems.


Affiliated companies outside Portugal



With head offices in Algiers, operates in the energy sector, in areas of statutory and voluntary inspection, non-destructive testing, condition assessment of in-service equipment, corrosion monitoring, cathodic protection, calibration and training.

ISQAPAVE Tecnologias

Provides multiple technical inspection, and non-destructive and metrological testing and training services for the Angolan market in the oil, chemical and petrochemical industries, energy production, cement industry and agribusiness.


ISQ Brasil

Operates in the Brazilian and South American markets and provides services in the following areas: integrity, remaining life assessment, advanced non-destructive testing, inspection of industrial equipment, technical support in the areas of quality, the environment and health and safety.

Cape Verde

Labcal – Laboratórios de calibração e ensaios

First accredited calibration and testing laboratory in Cape Verde. Focused in industrial metrology (volume, pressure, temperature, mass, time and RPM calibration).


IDQ – Instituto para o Desenvolvimento e Qualidade

Operating on the Chinese market, specifically Macau and Hong Kong, providing the service of inspections, tests and laboratory support to industry, services and public entities.

East Timor


Operates in East Timor, with the following activities: architecture, engineering and consultancy, providing services in the areas of civil construction, training, quality, maintenance, safety and the environment and certifications of people, products, processes and companies.

French Guiana

ISQ Kourou

With a focus on the aerospace market, it operates at the European Space Centre in French Guiana. Provides services in the field of operations management, technical inspections, risk analysis and procedure analysis/development for the Ariane 5, Soyuz and Vega launch systems



Bringing the expertise of ISQ to the Spanish market. It focuses on the areas of inspections, non-destructive testing solutions, materials technology, training and technical consultancy.