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Art is a universal form of communication within organizations. If an organization is made up of people, it is also made of art. For all this we have created Art@Work, a book that brings together the works exhibited in the ISQ building and which has been presented publicly.


Art in Organizations

When a company bets on art, it values its employees, the most precious asset of any organization, which will consequently add value to the organization itself. This is the great challenge facing modern organizations: stimulating business dynamics, motivating employees to demonstrate their capabilities.

Develop talent, soft-skills, stimulate productivity and involve more employees. Therefore, by also promoting art, companies bet on a tool that unites people, improves them and values them, for the other interpretations and results that it can have.

Art is inherent in the cultural essence of an organization and, in turn, to the human essence. And if an organization is made up of people, it’s also made of art. For all this we created the Art@Work.

To all who participated in this project our thanks, in the certainty that we will all be more awake to art and to all that it represents.

Pedro Matias (Chairman of the Board of Directors of ISQ)

ISQ had the privilege of being able to share this moment with the Municipality of Oeiras, Councilman Pedro Patacho, and to mark it with a debate in which Miguel Coutinho, edp foundation, Álvaro Covões, Everything Is New, Pedro Pires, Solid Dogma and Pedro Matias, President of ISQ, with the moderation of Cristina Amaro, brand images.

We discussed the importance of Art in organizations/work environment and the role of companies as promoters of Culture, Art and Knowledge.

It was also attended by some of the artists, authors of the works exhibited in the building and who thus contributed to the realization of this book, Rico Sequeira, Charles do Rosário and AAlbuquerque.