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Our commitment, our customer relationship guide

At ISQ, as an organisation with an established international presence, we believe that it is vital to share the values that guide us and answer the question: Who are we and what guides our activities?

Integrity lies at the heart of ISQ. The trust that we inspire in our customers and stakeholders is the key to our success as an organization and as individuals.

The ISQ Group’s Code of Ethics and Compliance is based on five collectively determined values that are the form and substance of our personality as a Group. They underpin our ethical principles and our behaviour among ourselves, with customers, services providers and with anybody who has relationships with us.

These values must transcend local idiosyncrasies and the nature of the activities that we carry out, with respect for the cultural differences found in the world without compromising the conduct common to all ISQ Group companies.

Ethics and Compliance Committee

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Knowledge and technical excellence are the cornerstones of the Group’s performance/success and are one of the main sources of personal and professional fulfilment among employees.
We promote excellence through learning and knowledge, by investing in the knowledge and professional development of our employees.
We run our business with rigour, responsibility and professionalism and seek to achieve performance excellence and compliance with high quality standards under all circumstances.


Under all circumstances we act with integrity, honesty and seriousness towards our employees, customers, suppliers, governments, local communities and society in general, to uphold the Group’s good image, credibility and prestige.
We value and promote performance that is strongly based on impartiality, objectivity and professionalism, rooted in the implementation of best practices.


The foundations of our competitive advantage are laid by our permanent capacity and determination to innovate, based on stimulating the creation of new ideas and a culture entrepreneurship. We seek to challenge conventional knowledge and develop new solutions to meet the needs of our customers.


The ISQ Group’s Values and Ethical Principles – Competence and Rigour, Integrity and Independence, and Innovation – must guide the conduct of employees and service providers in stakeholder relationships in the following situations:


Guarantee a good relationship with customers by providing excellent services and technical rigour, always seeking the best solutions. Taking into consideration the meeting of customer needs, services are provided in compliance with the agreed conditions and any
commitments that have been made. However, no situation and/or pressure that gives rise to an undue advantage for the customer is accepted.


Select suppliers based on impartial, fair and transparent criteria, without granting privileges or favouritism and taking into account any previous assessments that may have been made. The ethical conduct of potential suppliers, as perceived by ISQ, is also taken into account as a selection criteria.


Respect the dignity, diversity and rights of each employee, regardless of his/her origin, ethnicity, gender, political conviction, religious belief, trade union membership, nationality, sexual orientation, social origin, age or disability/illness. ISQ has zero tolerance for inappropriate
conduct in the workplace, specifically moral coercion, harassment, racism, abuse of power and other disrespectful behaviours.
Promote opportunities for personal and professional development and a balance between the professional and personal life of employees.
Ensure that family and personal relationships in the workplace do not impact the climate of professionalism.


Ensure compliance with national and international legal, regulatory and legislative provisions applicable to the activities that are carried out and to the different business sectors of ISQ, specifically with regard to integrity, corruption and bribery, and occupational health and safety.


Assume social responsibility towards the local communities, regions and countries where the Group operates, giving priority to their well-being and development while respecting traditions and cultures.
Act by following a logic of sustainable economic, social and environmental development.


Run the business based on fair conduct and competition, respect market rules and avoid practices that may impede, distort or restrict the activity of the competition.
At ISQ, it is prohibited to incentivise, persuade or encourage any person (employee, partner, intermediary, customer or competitor) to breach their contractual obligations with third parties, including confidentiality obligations.
Do not make disparaging or false claims about competitors, their operations, services or range of services.
Respect the competitors and establish a healthy and cordial relationship with them.
ISQ does not obtain confidential information about Competitors through any illegal or unethical means such as corruption, commercial espionage and/or theft.
At ISQ it is expressly forbidden to adopt practices aimed at obtaining an unfair competitive advantage