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COVID-19 security seal for commercial and business spaces in just 48 hours

Medical Device and PPE Compliance

Conformity Assessment and Testing of Medical Devices (MD) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

COVID training for employees

Training, workshops and bespoke programs focused on COVID-19

Certification of Social Use Masks

Testing and certification support for Community Mask manufacturers and importers

CE Marking and Equipment Qualification for Disinfection Systems

CE marking support and disinfection equipment qualification for manufacturers and importers

Calibration of Digital Thermometers for body Temperature

Verification and calibration of digital thermometers, an additional guarantee of safety for customers and employees.

COVID tests on wastewater, air and surfaces with 24h results

Dedicated laboratory for SARS-COV2 testing in wastewater, air and surfaces with 24h results


Receive a turnkey lab. We take care of the entire process, from initial assessment, to certification and start-up.

Tailor-made solutions for Scientific, Chemical, Microbiological and Pharmaceutical Laboratories

We develop tailor-made solutions for pharmaceutical and scientific laboratories, from design to commissioning and validation of installations and equipment.

Medicinal Cannabis projects

We develop and implement Medicinal Cannabis projects end-to-end

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