solutions for the automotive industry

accelerating electrification for manufacturers and service providers

The car as a full service and not just a vehicle

At ISQ we see the Automotive Industry as a new revolution, a sector undergoing a transition, with new players and challenges, where the only constant is the speed of change. The challenges go far beyond electric mobility, connectivity/digitisation and autonomous driving. The industry has invested heavily in the environmental component and emissions reductions, everywhere from the manufacturing process to vehicles on the roads. At ISQ we want manufacturers, partners and end consumers to be informed and demanding, to view a vehicle as a complete service and not just a car.

Solutions for the manufacturers, development and import cluster in the automotive market.

  • Specific laboratory for tests in the automotive sector accredited by IPAC, ISO/IEC 17025 standard
  • Environmental, materials, fire and defect analysis tests, in accordance with the main international standards and protocols of the different vehicle manufacturers
  • Process improvement and engineering, including conceptual validation and system operationalization
  • Process digitization, MES digital factory integration and Big Data solutions
  • Robotics and production automation
  • Support for the licensing and approval of products and CE marking of imported products, helping to speed up the time-to-market.
  • Support for the certification of service processes in regulated areas.

Solutions for the services cluster in the automotive market.

  • Inspection of electric vehicle charging stations in Type A and Type B chargin networks
  • Electrical branch and network techichnical inspection.
  • Calibration of equipment for vehicle inspection centres and dealers
  • Recognised by the IPQ as a Metrological Verification Body and Municipal Metrology Service to perform metrological verification operations on devices in the automotive sector.
  • We ensure periodic regulatory inspections of facilities, equipment and processes.
  • HACCP, electricity, gas, noise, vibrations, cold, compressed gases, elevators, telecommunications, electricity, radiation, pollutants, chemical parameters, environmental safety.
  • Network of accredited, fixed and mobile laboratories, ensuring compliance with applicable legislation, standards, directives and codes.
  • Training and professional certification of employees and teams; tailor-made training program for all aspects of the business
  • Support with quality system creation and management process for the sector’s different applicable areas and ISO standards.
  • Support for domestic or international business expansion processes, during all steps of the process.
  • Support with identifying financing opportunities in national and international programs.
  • Support with processes and shared programs for modernisation, energy efficiency, circular economy.
  • Support with the conversion to the digital world, in terms of physical processes, extended teams, technological solutions and the areas of digital marketing and a presence in digital channels.
Testing Vehicle Braking System

providing innovative integrated solutions for the automotive cluster

Dedicated facilities and teams for automotive testing and innovation


ISQ has a dedicated laboratory for tests in the automotive sector, accredited by IPAC to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard.
It provides environmental, materials, fire and defect analysis tests, in accordance with the main international standards and protocols of the different vehicle manufacturers, such as Audi/Volkswagen, Volvo, Renault, PSA, Ford, Fiat Auto, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, Nissan.

In addition to testing automotive components and units, it provides advanced process engineering services, production automation and robotics, process digitalisation, MES Digital Factory integration and Big Data solutions.

The Solutions Specialist is an expert in the market where your business operates, with an integrated view of our services and skills and how they can help you achieve better results.

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