Engineering and Consultancy

Experts at your service, from project to comissioning, quality and maintenance

Expertise at your service

ISQ Engineering and Consultancy services support companies and organisations in their activities of risk and asset management, process improvement, and technology transfer.

With specialists in the areas of quality, safety, environment, energy efficiency, structural integrity, thermodynamics, materials, welding technologies, chemical processes and legal assistance, ISQ’s multidisciplinary teams help you in all phases of project development including project analysis and verification, project development, engineering consultancy, auditing services or expert services related with industrial safety comissioning and industrial licensing.

By understanding and studying the specifics of your project or challenges of each equipment or infrastructure, ISQ provides tailor made solutions in compliance with the relevant standards, codes and regulations.

ISQ expertise

  • Project and sub-contracting management
  • Legal advice
  • Safety
  • Environment & energy consultancy
  • Management systems consultancy and auditing
  • Asset management systems and computer aided management solutions and engineering
  • Test design and engineering, test rig development and operation
  • Laboratorial consultancy

A wide range of services, from analysis and verification of projects, audit and diagnose, to engineering studies, we address all relevant areas of industrial safety, provide permanent technical assistance , quality management and environmental safety.

Energy efficiency-Engineering & Consultancy>Consultancy

Energy efficiency

Integrated energy efficiency services and solutions, advice on energy management, energy audits in industry and fleet vehicles, compliance with relevant…
Environmental assessment-Engineering & Consultancy>Environment

Environmental assessment

Environmental assessment, including monitoring and consultancy in all stages of any project or infrastructure for water, air, soil, wastes, noise,…
Environmental remediation-Engineering & Consultancy>Environment

Environmental remediation

ISQ undertakes soil and water contamination studies and develops remediation projects, on the basis of a technical and economic evaluation…
Expediting-Engineering & Consultancy>Consultancy


ISQ provides Expediting Services giving the Project Managers timely information about compliance with planning, quality status and deliver time forecast…
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Fire safety

ISQ performs assessment of explosion risk in environments with explosive atmospheres, to check compliance of installations with the legal requirements,…
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Functional assessment of installations

Functional assessment/audit in installations and equipment to check the status/condition of the assets and to identify opportunities for improvement of the assets…
Functional safety (SIL)-Engineering & Consultancy>Technical Integrity

Functional safety (SIL)

Analysis and assessment of instrumented safety systems of industrial installations, according to standard EN IEC 61511 and IEC 61508.
High speed video inspection-Engineering & Consultancy>Test Design

High speed video inspection

Portable high-speed recording video system up to 7,500 images per second at high resolution, and 100,000 images per second at…
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Industrial safety

Risk management, Assessment of professional risks, Safety and health in the workplace, Seveso Directive, Forensic analysis, Safety adviser for transportation of…
Laboratories design

Laboratories design

From the experience and knowledge acquired over more than 40 years in the implementation of its own laboratories, ISQ offers…
Management systems consulting/auditing-Engineering & Consultancy>Management Systems

Management systems consulting/auditing

Management systems consulting helps organizations improve process effectiveness and efficiency, for better products, higher customer satisfaction and greater productivity and…
Occupational health and safety-Engineering & Consultancy>Safety

Occupational health and safety

Industrial hygiene Assessment and control of workers’ exposure to physical, chemical and biological agents in industrial establishments, workshops, warehouses and…
Projects and works management-Engineering & Consultancy>Consultancy

Project and work management

ISQ Project Management Methodology (PMM) is in line with the PMI (Project Management Institute) and ISO 9001).
Reliability studies (RCM)-Engineering & Consultancy>Technical Integrity

Reliability studies (RCM)

The ISQ conducts reliability studies on equipment and industrial facilities, thus enabling implementation of optimised maintenance strategies.
Remnant life assessment (RLA)-Engineering & Consultancy>Technical Integrity

Remnant life assessment (RLA)

Remnant life assessment of industrial equipment is an approach developed in Europe in the 1990s and adopted by ISQ since…
Risk-based inspection (RBI)-Engineering & Consultancy>Technical Integrity

Risk-based inspection (RBI)

ISQ uses the API 581 FOR a systematic and documented methodology allowing decision-making as regards maintenance inspection based on risk…
Safety at construction sites-Engineering & Consultancy>Safety

Safety at construction sites

Health & safety plans, Safety inspection in construction sites, Inspection of individual protective equipment for works at heights, Scaffolding…
Sustainability-Engineering & Consultancy>Environment


Combined solutions allowing all organizations an integrated improvement of environmental, social and economic performance, greater awareness of the risks and…


We act comprehensively throughout the value chain, providing over 250 specialized services, hundreds of technical specialists and the know-how of over 50 years plus operating worldwide, leading significant international projects.

We have a sustained presence in several countries and run our business with multinational partners and consortia and through our affiliated companies on several continents.

What sets us apart

  • The diversity of our services, addressing entire value chains
  • Comprehensive laboratorial capacity, both on site an in premises, with accredited laboratories equipped with the latest technology
  • The awarded and recognized quality and safety in our services
  • Relevant international partnerships with market leaders and entities such as the UN, ESA, CERN, ITER
  • The know-how of our team of PhDs, scientists, researchers, engineers and specialized technicians with relevant and solid experience
  • The close relationship with our customers, supported by a network of branches and subsidiaries around the world
  • The accreditations, certifications and notifications of most of the activities carried out
  • International activity in markets such as aerospace, nuclear fusion, physics and astrophysics, oil and gas, sustainability and circular economy
  • The ability to support you in Innovation activities