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Hospitality and Tourism with a focus on safety and with high quality standards

Sustainable quality tourism as a global benchmark

We live in an increasingly global market, where competitiveness is on the increase and consumers are more informed and discerning; this is why quality and safety must be viewed as an essential business strategy. At ISQ we believe that any tourist destination or entity working in the hospitality industry must focus on uniqueness and creativity, as well as on sustainability, safety and above-average quality. And we have the solutions.

Tourism and Hospitality Solutions

  • Project support, construction management and licensing of commercial spaces, including mandatory inspections for licensing.
  • Support for the licensing of service spaces with special features such as Health Units, Educational Institutions, Sports Venues, Children’s Parks
  • Support for the licensing and approval of products and CE marking of imported products, helping to speed up the time-to-market.
  • Support for the certification of service processes in regulated areas.
  • We ensure that periodic regulatory inspections of facilities, equipment and processes are conducted.
  • HACCP, electricity, gas, noise, vibrations, cold, compressed gases, lifts, telecommunications, electricity, radiation, pollutants, chemical parameters, environmental safety.
  • Network of accredited laboratories – fixed and mobile – ensuring compliance with applicable legislation, standards, directives and codes.
  • COVID OUT: Certification of public spaces in 48h, a seal of conformity to bring safety to customers and employees.
  • Calibration and measurement of digital thermometers, an additional safety guarantee for customers and employees.
  • Employee training, workshops and training programs on COVID-19 behaviour and procedures
  • Certification of masks for social use: Testing and certification support for manufacturers and importers of Community Masks
  • Compliance of Medical Devices and PPE: Compliance assessment and testing of Medical Devices (MD) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • CE Marking and Qualification of Equipment for Disinfection Systems: Support to manufacturers and importers for the CE marking and qualification of disinfection equipment
  • Training and professional certification of employees and teams; tailor-made training program for all aspects of the business
  • Support with quality system creation and management process for the sector’s different applicable areas and ISO standards.
  • Support for domestic or international business expansion processes, during all steps of the process.
  • Support with identifying financing opportunities in national and international programs.
  • Support with processes and shared programs for modernisation, energy efficiency, circular economy.
  • Support with the conversion to the digital world, in terms of physical processes, extended teams, technological solutions and the areas of digital marketing and a presence in digital channels.

We are your partner with integrated solutions for tourism and hospitality.

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ISQ in sustainable tourism

The tourism sector has an increasing attention to sustainability, and ISQ wants to help position this sector at the forefront of concerns for sustainable development.
Cases such as Corinthia Hotel and the study that ISQ is conducting with AHETA in the Algarve region are examples of the efficiency that ISQ can bring to hotel units, and which were made known at the event. Significant savings can be made on electricity bills, water consumption or even the amount of waste produced. In addition, ISQ continues to create innovation involving research and development. In this area it comes up with solutions such as bricks produced from cigarette butts or the production of food in controlled environments, which is already a trend in the hotel sector. With a major commitment to Tourism, ISQ wants to be part of the ongoing change by offering concrete solutions, but also by showcasing emerging solutions, in awareness of the fact that there can be no change without information

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We act comprehensively throughout the value chain, providing you with access to over 250 specialised services, hundreds of technical specialists and the accumulated experience of over 50 years operating in these areas in multiple locations around the world, leading some of the most significant international projects.

The Solutions Specialist is an expert in the market where your business operates, with an integrated view of our services and skills and how they can help you achieve better results.

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