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Safety, reliability and greater efficiency for your industrial facility

Competing in a global market

Globalisation has opened up both markets and competition. Efficiency, quality, just-in-time, sustainability and the environment have become key concepts in the process industry. ISQ provides solutions that support all these vectors, to bring more competitiveness to the business.

Solutions for the process industry sector

Our team provides support in all phases of your facility’s life cycle, assesses and guarantees its quality and compliance with legal obligations, and contributes to the safety of people, facilities and equipment, and to reducing environmental risks.

ISQ is recognised as a Notified Body and accredited as a Sector Inspection Body under several European Directives.

  • Inspection of systems by advanced techniques such as thermography and high-speed video
  • Non-Destructive Control and Test Supervision
  • Corrosion protection inspection
  • Preparation of maintenance plans
  • Periodic inspections and assessment of the condition of equipment and facilities in service
  • Remaining Life Assessment and Risk-Based Inspection (RBI)
  • Preparation of repair specifications
  • Project review based on official standards and regulations
  • Preparation or approval of Inspection and Testing Plans
  • Qualification of personnel and operative methods
  • Manufacturing and assembly monitoring
  • Licensing support
  • Stoppage organisation
  • Preparation of Inspection and Testing Plans – ITP
  • Coordination of all activities during the shutdown
  • Issuing a specific report on each piece of equipment, with specific conclusions and recommendations on its suitability for service over the following planned period of operation
  • Calibration of measuring equipment and systems at all stages of the value chain: extraction, transport, refining, distribution
  • Accredited laboratories and certified technicians, recognised as Notified Bodies and accredited as Sector Inspection Bodies
  • We ensure periodic regulatory inspections of facilities, equipment and processes.
  • HACCP, electricity, gas, noise, vibrations, cold, compressed gases, elevators, telecommunications, electricity, radiation, pollutants, chemical parameters, environmental safety.
  • Network of accredited, fixed and mobile laboratories, ensuring compliance with applicable legislation, standards, directives and codes.

ISQ is your partner with complete solutions for the process industry

ISQ in the process industry

The process industry involves thousands of people, workers from a wide range of companies, working in very different locations and carrying out a huge number of activities, often under extreme conditions, and their safety is an essential factor. Over the years ISQ has contributed to guaranteeing worker safety, but also to the safety of the process and the equipment and systems used in it.

With all of our activities combined, we have been contributing to the development of this industry for decades.

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RIS Accreditation

Since December 2013, ISQ has held a provisional permit to operate as an accredited entity in the environmental area under the scope of the Responsible Industry System (RIS).
The accredited entity verifies the proper completion of licensing processes for the installation or alteration of industrial establishments or Responsible Enterprise Zones.

The processes subject to verification by the accredited entities include the following schemes:

  • Environmental impact assessment (environmental impact studies)
  • Environmental licensing
  • Waste management operations
  • Serious accident prevention
  • Incineration and co-incineration facilities
  • European emissions trading scheme (greenhouse gas emissions permit)

The Solutions Specialist is an expert in the market where your business operates, with an integrated view of our services and skills and how they can help you achieve better results.

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