A network of accredited laboratories, offering a diversified range of services aimed at industry, health, commerce and services, public entities and individuals, who need to ensure that their facilities, equipment and products comply with Quality and safety requirements.

Wide range of tests and analysis

ISQ accredited Laboratories do not only support the in-house Engineering, Inspection and Training divisions but also provide external services for instance to the Manufacturing sector, Oil & Gas, Aeronautical & Aerospace, Healthcare, Pharmaceutics, Medical Cannabis, Agrifood, Research Infrastructure, Public Administration, Civil Construction, Energy Generation, Automotive Industry and Transport Infrastructure including Railway.

ISQ Testing offer covers the domains of Materials and Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Noise and Vibration, Environment and Chemistry, Energy, Metrology and Product (including reliability).

The accumulated experience and know-how is combined with the continuous development of new methodologies and processes allowing ISQ to be, today, a leading partner for some global organisations in the design, development, construction and implementation of their own testing or research laboratories.

ISQ track record includes also the design, construction and operation of specialised test benches for very special application in the Aeronautical & Aerospace sectors or the development of particular testing methodologies to be used in experimental nuclear facilities.

Main areas of operation

We provide a wide range of testing and analysis services

Concrete diagnosis-Testing>Materials

Concrete diagnosis

Control of hardened and fresh concrete Control and profiling of concrete applied in building constructions or in structural elements during ongoing works.
Electromagnetic compatibility testing-Testing>Products Performance Evaluation

Electromagnetic compatibility testing

Testing emission on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) aims at assessing the possibility of electrical and electronic equipment interfering with other equipment and with radio and telecommunication systems.
Materials characterization

Materials characterization

Mechanic, metallographic and corrosion testing, chemical and structural characterisation of metallic and non-metallic materials and concrete diagnosis.
Non-destructive testing - Conventional

Non-destructive testing – Conventional

Non-destructive conventional testing using visual inspection, x-ray, ultrasound and electromagnetism to detect and assess the size of discontinuities in materials.
Safety valves testing-Testing>Products Performance Evaluation

Safety valves testing

ISQ valve laboratory is accredited by IPAC, the national entity member of EA (European Cooperation for Accreditation) for certification of valves and safety devices.
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Thermodynamic testing

Wide range of equipment and processes to perform numerous types of tests and inspections in this area.


We act comprehensively throughout the value chain, providing you with access to over 250 specialised services, hundreds of technical specialists and the accumulated experience of over 50 years operating in these areas around the world, leading some of the most significant international projects.

We have a sustained presence in several countries and run our business with multinational partners and consortia and through our affiliated companies on several continents.

What sets us apart

  • The diversity of our services
  • Comprehensive laboratory capacity with accredited laboratories, fixed and mobile, equipped with the latest technology
  • The recognized quality and safety in our services
  • Relevant international partnerships with market leaders and entities such as the UN, ESA, CERN, ITER
  • The competence of our team of PhDs, scientists, researchers, engineers and specialized technicians with relevant and solid experience
  • The close relationship with our customers, supported by a network of branches and subsidiaries around the world
  • The accreditations, certifications and notifications of most of the activities carried out
  • International activity in markets such as aerospace, nuclear fusion, physics and astrophysics, oil and gas, sustainability and circular economy
  • The ability to support you in Innovation activities