Technical Inspection

ISQ has extensive experience in carrying out technical inspections on any type of project, evaluating and guaranteeing its quality and contributing to the safety of people, facilities and equipment.

Validate quality and operation

ISQ performs technical inspections for all kind of projects assessing and assuring quality compliancy and actively contributing for safety of people, installations and equipment.

The technical inspections activities address all stages of the asset lifecycle, from the project and construction phases, legal inspection, operation follow up and decommissioning.

ISQ teams speciallize in different areas encompassing concrete and metallic structures, materials, special processes, anticorrosion protection, electricity and instrumentation, safety, environmental monitoring, machines and HVAC systems.

The inspection activities are supported by our modern and certified Laboratory Infrastructure and Testing Division as well as per our engineering groups in the fields of safety, environment, technical integrity and integrated management systems.

ISQ also provides “Verification & Regulatory” inspections upon equipment installation of after maintenance or repair and periodical inspections.

Main areas of operation

  • Coatings and Corrosion Protection
  • In-Service Inspection
  • QA/QC and 3rd Party Inspection
  • Tubing and Drill Casing Inspection

ISQ expertise

  • Technical safety and safety program implementation
  • Engineering personnel (mechanical, electrical and civil disciplines) with international certification
  • Remaining life assessment specialists
  • RBI consultants
  • QA/QC personnel to follow your site or your sub-suppliers
  • API 510, 570, and 653 certified inspectors
  • AWS and EEW certified and qualified welding inspectors
  • NACE certified inspectors and engineers
  • NDT certified personnel (ASNT, EN / PCN)
  • ISO 17025 labs

A wide range of technical inspection services

Cathodic protection-Inspection>Coatings & Corrosion Protection

Cathodic protection

ISQ offers inspection, auditing services and monitoring of cathodic protection systems for the mitigation of corrosion on underground or submerged structures.
Coatings inspection-Inspection>Coatings & Corrosion Protection

Coatings inspection

Selection, identification and coatings inspection, on-site and lab, using qualified technicians and accredited laboratories.
In-service inspection in industrial plants-Inspection>In-Service Inspection

In-service inspection in industrial plants

Independent service of shutdown and turnaround inspection in industrial plants, to support the operators in the optimisation of the lifecycle and performance of your premises, in accordance with the strategic and economic objectives, safety and environmental aspects.
Inspection and reception of materials and equipment-Inspection>QA/QC & 3rd Party Inspection

Inspection and reception of materials and equipment

The inspection and approval of materials and equipment in shop and on-site minimizes the possibility of materials and/or equipment not complying with technical specifications (building codes, standards, specifications of project and applicable legislation).
Inspection and repair approval

Inspection and repair approval

Monitoring, inspection and repair approval services of infrastructure and equipment in a wide range of industries, such as oil refineries, petrochemical plants, paper mills and power plants, attesting compliance with technical specifications of repairs.
Inspection and testing of steel cables-Inspection>QA/QC & 3rd Party Inspection

Inspection and testing of steel cables

ISQ assess the integrity of steel cables and other materials, anticipating and avoiding risks of failure and accidents caused by uncorrect design, installation and/or use.
Inspection of electric equipment

Inspection of electric equipment

By performing technical inspection ISQ characterizes the status/condition of electric equipment and that of instrumentation and control, maintenance, degradation status and safety conditions.
Inspection of infrastructure and telecommunication towers-Inspection>QA/QC & 3rd Party Inspection

Inspection of infrastructure and telecommunication towers

Inspection of telecommunications infrastructures in buildings and telecommunication towers to ensure the compliance with the terms of operability and security to support the electronic communications services offered by telecommunications operators.
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Inspection of lifts & equipment and components

Assess of safety conditions associated with the installation or equipment operation, risk failure and analysis of accident caused by deficiency of design, installation and/or maintenance.
Inspection of thermal insulations-Inspection>QA/QC & 3rd Party Inspection

Inspection of thermal insulations

ISQ has certified specialists and suitable measurement equipment, in particular thermography to perform thermal insulation inspections.


We act comprehensively throughout the value chain, providing over 250 specialized services, hundreds of technical specialists and the know-how of over 50 years plus operating worldwide, leading significant international projects.

We have a sustained presence in several countries and run our business with multinational partners and consortia and through our affiliated companies on several continents.

What sets us apart

  • The diversity of our services, addressing entire value chains
  • Comprehensive laboratorial capacity, both on site an in premises, with accredited laboratories equipped with the latest technology
  • The awarded and recognized quality and safety in our services
  • Relevant international partnerships with market leaders and entities such as the UN, ESA, CERN, ITER
  • The know-how of our team of PhDs, scientists, researchers, engineers and specialized technicians with relevant and solid experience
  • The close relationship with our customers, supported by a network of branches and subsidiaries around the world
  • The accreditations, certifications and notifications of most of the activities carried out
  • International activity in markets such as aerospace, nuclear fusion, physics and astrophysics, oil and gas, sustainability and circular economy
  • The ability to support you in Innovation activities