Verification and Regulatory

Assisting in Licencing and Compliance

Regulatory Compliance services in multiple countries

ISQ offers a wide range of regulatory services to help clients to meet their legal obligations as regards quality, environment and people safety, installations and equipment in compliance with the country (Portugal, Brazil, Spain) or EU legislation and applicable directives.

We provide inspection and testing services of materials, components and products, installations and equipment in buildings, installations and industrial equipment for approval/adoption or to assist in industrial and environmental licensing.
We certify people and we carry out chemical analysis, environmental monitoring, occupational exposure and food safety.

These services are performed by qualified/certified technicians with wide experience and supported by a modern and well equipped network of accredited laboratories and further acknowledged skills through accreditation, notification and/or appointment by government bodies.

We provide inspection services in facilities and equipment in buildings, industrial installations and equipment, support for industrial and environmental licensing, metrological verification of equipment, certification of persons in various fields and chemical analysis.

Main areas of operation


We act comprehensively throughout the value chain, providing over 250 specialized services, hundreds of technical specialists and the know-how of over 50 years plus operating worldwide, leading significant international projects.

We have a sustained presence in several countries and run our business with multinational partners and consortia and through our affiliated companies on several continents.

What sets us apart

  • The diversity of our services, addressing entire value chains
  • Comprehensive laboratorial capacity, both on site an in premises, with accredited laboratories equipped with the latest technology
  • The awarded and recognized quality and safety in our services
  • Relevant international partnerships with market leaders and entities such as the UN, ESA, CERN, ITER
  • The know-how of our team of PhDs, scientists, researchers, engineers and specialized technicians with relevant and solid experience
  • The close relationship with our customers, supported by a network of branches and subsidiaries around the world
  • The accreditations, certifications and notifications of most of the activities carried out
  • International activity in markets such as aerospace, nuclear fusion, physics and astrophysics, oil and gas, sustainability and circular economy
  • The ability to support you in Innovation activities

Support licensing and start-up Help in complex processes When cooking, want to make sure that the gas installation is safe. That’s why she’s certified. And when you’re in the office, you want to have confidence that air conditioning is filtered and of good quality. That’s why the air conditioner has to comply with specific rules. And when you go to the restaurant, you want to make sure you consume quality products. That’s why the restaurant has specific certification. The examples are many, from small to large activities, but the truth is that we live in a world with many norms, with regulation. And if this legislation and regulation exists to help us all, it is a fact that sometimes meeting your requirements can be complex, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises. Tests, forms, processes, procedures, bureaucracy, a lot of time spent and sometimes with errors that cost even more, especially when the company’s focus is on advancing its business. That is why we provide the Regulatory Services area, in which we support, in a simplified and transparent way, companies to comply with the standards applicable to them. Let us introduce ourselves

ISQ provides a comprehensive and diverse set of regulatory services that enable its customers to comply with legal obligations on the quality, environment and safety of persons, facilities and equipment, provided for in national, Community and applicable directives.

We provide inspection services in installations and equipment in buildings, in industrial facilities and equipment, support to industrial and environmental licensing, we do metrological verification of equipment, we certify people in various fields and perform chemical analysis.

Inspection services are carried out by inspectors or multidisciplinary teams of certified inspectors, with extensive field experience in Portugal and abroad, supported by a modern and well-equipped network of accredited laboratories.

Let us introduce ourselves

We support our clients in complying with environmental legal obligations laid down in European directives and national and international legislation and regulations.

We have a network of accredited laboratories and a vast team of specialists with specific training in the area of environment, and with proven experience in a multitude of business and industrial realities.

We carry out environmental impact studies, make strategic environmental assessment of plans and programs, and environmental monitoring.

We support our customers in the environmental licensing process.

We carry out analyses on the quality of process waters, natural and human consumption, and gaseous effluents.

We carry out analyses on all types of equipment covered by the RoHS Directive.

We contribute decisively to the efficiency and sustainable development of companies, to the implementation of good environmental practices and to the minimization of problems with impact on the environment.


We support our clients in complying with the legal obligations provided for in national and international legislation and regulations. As a Notified Body for the PED Directive and accredited for the Certification of Persons, we have certified welders and welding operators. We also certify thermoplastic welders. We are a certifying entity recognized by DGEG in the area of gas, issuing professional licenses of gas technician, installer and welder of gas networks, gas appliance mechanic and steel pipe welder.


We support our clients in complying with the legal obligations provided for in national and international legislation and regulations.

As a Sector Inspection Body we carry out technical inspections of elevators, mechanical stairs and conveyor belts.

We inspect electrical installations in buildings as a regional electrical system inspector.

As an inspection body for networks and extensions of distribution and gas installations, recognized by DGGE and accredited by IPAC, we carry out inspections of domestic gas installations and carry out periodic inspections, mandatory by law.

We carry out indoor air quality audits.

In the Noise and Vibration Laboratory, accredited by IPAC, we make sound insulation measurements in buildings.


We support our customers in complying with the legal obligations (certification, inspection and testing) provided for in the European Directives, for which we are notified bodies, such as the Machinery, Elevators, Transport of Cable, Pressure Reservoirs, Transportable Pressure Reservoirs, Transportable Products (ATP).

We qualify welding procedures.

As sector inspection body we carry out technical inspections of elevators, mechanical stairs and conveyor belts; pressure equipment (containers, boilers, pipes); transportable pressure equipment; fuel storage facilities; industrial electrical installations; equipment for the transport of dangerous goods; gas distribution and transport networks; equipment and steel cables.

We contribute decisively to the safety of people, facilities and equipment.


For more than 20 years we have been in the area of security and we are considered a reference entity in the sector. We have participated in all major national works carried out in recent decades and also in some major international projects.

We are recognised by the ACT (Labour Conditions Authority) for the provision of services for the organisation of safety and health services at work.

In the field of shipyard safety, we coordinate safety in project and/or on site, in temporary or mobile shipyards.

We support our clients in complying with legal obligations such as occupational risk assessment, compliance with European directives such as ATEX, Seveso and Machinery, the development of self-protection measures in fire safety and the performance of simulations.

We offer services that help you improve your company’s occupational hygiene and safety conditions by assessing workers’ exposure to physical, chemical, biological and radiant risks.

We carry out inspections of gas installations, electrical installations, water networks, work equipment and recreational and entertainment equipment (beacons and playgrounds).


We support our clients in complying with the legal obligations provided for in national and international legislation and regulations.

We are recognized by IPQ as the Metrological Verification Agency and Metrology Design Service to perform metrological verification operations of storage reservoirs, cisterns, level indicators and appliances in the areas of acoustics, dimensional, automobile, gas, mass, strength, temperature and time.

We have the ability to perform these checks in our laboratories and at the customer’s facilities.

We offer our customers the LABMETRO ONLINE service that allows us to consult at any time the status of calibration, testing, measurement or verification of your equipment and access their certificates and reports in total safety.



Cathodic protection-Inspection>Coatings & Corrosion Protection

Cathodic protection

ISQ offers inspection, auditing services and monitoring of cathodic protection systems for the mitigation of corrosion on underground or submerged structures.
Coatings inspection-Inspection>Coatings & Corrosion Protection

Coatings inspection

Selection, identification and coatings inspection, on-site and lab, using qualified technicians and accredited laboratories.
In-service inspection in industrial plants-Inspection>In-Service Inspection

In-service inspection in industrial plants

Independent service of shutdown and turnaround inspection in industrial plants, to support the operators in the optimisation of the lifecycle and performance of your premises, in…
Inspection and repair approval

Inspection and repair approval

Monitoring, inspection and repair approval services of infrastructure and equipment in a wide range of industries, such as oil refineries, petrochemical plants, paper mills and power…
Inspection and testing of steel cables-Inspection>QA/QC & 3rd Party Inspection

Inspection and testing of steel cables

ISQ assess the integrity of steel cables and other materials, anticipating and avoiding risks of failure and accidents caused by uncorrect design, installation and/or use.
Inspection of electric equipment

Inspection of electric equipment

By performing technical inspection ISQ characterizes the status/condition of electric equipment and that of instrumentation and control, maintenance, degradation status and safety conditions.
Inspecoes Tecnicas Entypo d83d294 256

Inspection of lifts & equipment and components

Assess of safety conditions associated with the installation or equipment operation, risk failure and analysis of accident caused by deficiency of design, installation and/or maintenance.
Inspection of thermal insulations-Inspection>QA/QC & 3rd Party Inspection

Inspection of thermal insulations

ISQ has certified specialists and suitable measurement equipment, in particular thermography to perform thermal insulation inspections.