public administration solutions

Better environment, safety and quality of life

Creating the communities of the future with a focus on quality of life and sustainability

The post-pandemic economic recovery is both a challenge and an opportunity for governments. For a world-class recovery it is mandatory to do more and better, with a focus on sustainability, circular economy, the environment and quality of life of our communities.
At ISQ we offer solutions aimed at Central and Local Governments, which help implement this vision.

Solutions to support public administration

  • A specialised service for the initial diagnosis and assessment of the city’s performance under the NP ISO 37120 Standard – Sustainable Development and Indicators for Urban Services and Quality of Life
  • Municipal and inter-municipal noise maps to allow the identification of problem areas and noise sources.
  • It allows the legal requirements of the General Noise Regulation to be met, along with the promotion of a better environment and quality of life for residents.
  • Technical inspections of domestic gas installations, lifts, escalators and travelators, pressure vessels, noise, and fuel storage and distribution facilities.
  • Network of Accredited Laboratories for tests and analyses for civil construction and concrete, tests on electrical equipment, specifically electrical appliances and cables, electromagnetic compatibility tests, chemical and environmental analysis, non-destructive tests and metrological tests.
  • We ensure periodic regulatory inspections of facilities, equipment and processes.
  • HACCP, electricity, gas, noise, vibrations, cold, compressed gases, elevators, telecommunications, electricity, radiation, pollutants, chemical parameters, environmental safety.
  • Support for the licensing of service spaces with special features such as Health Units, Educational Institutions, Sports Venues, Children’s Parks
  • Training and professional certification of employees and teams; tailor-made training program for all aspects of the business
  • Support with quality system creation and management process for the sector’s different applicable areas and standards.
  • Support with processes and shared programs for modernisation, energy efficiency, circular economy.
  • Support with the conversion to the digital world, in terms of physical processes, extended teams, technological solutions and the areas of digital marketing and a presence in digital channels.
  • COVID OUT: Certification of public spaces in 48h, a seal of conformity to bring safety to customers and employees.
  • Calibration and measurement of digital thermometers, an additional safety guarantee for customers and employees.
  • Employee training, workshops and training programs on COVID-19 behaviour and procedures

ISQ operates in the public administration sector, providing integrated services and innovative technological solutions that allow to increase the quality of life, safety and satisfaction of citizens


We act comprehensively throughout the value chain, providing you with access to over 250 specialised services, hundreds of technical specialists and the accumulated experience of over 50 years operating in these areas in multiple locations around the world, leading some of the most significant international projects.

The Solutions Specialist is an expert in the market where your business operates, with an integrated view of our services and skills and how they can help you achieve better results.

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