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Message from the Chairman of ISQ

We are pleased to present our Annual Report for the year 2020, which seeks to convey
what our vast Team has accomplished over the last year.
No, we are not going to talk about everything that has impacted Europe and the World over the past year. No, we are not going to mention that word that we all know has plagued our personal and professional lives and devastated so many people around the world.
We prefer to highlight the word that defined ISQ during 2020: resilience.
The resilience shown by all the employees of ISQ and the ISQ Group, which allowed us to get
through a painful 2020 with a constructive spirit and with our sights firmly set on the future.

report and accounts
Pedro Matias – ISQ Chairman

We will probably be one of the few entities in the world to present a Report & Accounts whose introduction will not feature the words that defined 2020.

We want to overcome this phase quickly and so we will not place emphasis on that event. We want to turn the page, we want the future, we want the opportunity to show that in real-world working conditions we are among the best, and that even under adverse conditions we can resist and contribute value.

The Strategic Plan implemented at ISQ in recent years has in fact today made us a more competent and professional entity, with a more robust Balance Sheet and better preparation to combat and resist adversity.

We have a magnificent team of employees that every day give the best of themselves and contribute to ensuring that our products, services and competences are placed at the service of industry and people, both nationally and internationally.

ISQ is a company whose history dates back over 50 years, with many diversified initiatives and where many employees the world over give the best of themselves to provide innovative and value added services to our Customers and Stakeholders.

It is therefore with pride that we state that we closed the difficult year of 2020 with positive results

It should also be noted that over recent years we have worked hard and in close collaboration with the General & Supervisory Board on the implementation of the MINERVA Project. This project was crucial for us to create a stronger, more robust and more dynamic ISQ, better prepared to face future challenges

Alongside our commitment to Innovation, the topic of Sustainability is essential for us, and so we run several initiatives in this area. Our commitment to sustainable development, along with a focus on Digital and supplying services based on Digital and remote platforms will be increasingly present in our value proposition to present to Customers.

The individual accounts for 2020 are therefore, in the current context, very positive for us and denote the joint effort of the teams over the past year: Turnover = 42.2 million euros; EBITDA = 3.7 million euros; OR = 874 thousand euros; NR = 360 thousand euros.

The Board of Directors is grateful for the commitment and valuable work done by all our Employees, Associates and Governing Bodies and for their invaluable support and contributions to ISQ; and to our Customers, who want to work with the best and, therefore, place their trust in us.

It is certainly with the commitment, high levels of professionalism and dedication of all those involved in the life of ISQ that ISQ will be able to position itself among the world leaders in the sector and achieve an organisation that is increasingly forward-looking.

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Additional Thanks

The Board of Directors would like to express its gratitude to the General and Supervisory Board and the Statutory Auditor for their valuable cooperation in monitoring the activity of ISQ.
The Board of Directors would like to thank all the Managers and Boards of Directors of the different ISQ Group companies for the work that they have done in 2020. It would also like to express its appreciation for the work and collaboration of the Group companies’ statutory auditors.
The Board of Directors would like to thank our customers, suppliers and financial institutions for their trust, and reiterates that it will do everything in its power to continue to deserve it.
Finally, special thanks go out to all ISQ Group employees for their high levels of professionalism, dedication and resilience they showed in a year of extraordinary circumstances.

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