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ISQ wins international contract worth 1.6 million to train “green” energy experts

ISQ has won another contract to train “green” energy experts in the scope of the ITER project, the world’s largest experimental project for nuclear fusion as a clean energy source. Under this contract with the European Fusion Energy Development Agency (F4E), ISQ will train technicians who are based in Spain, France, Germany, and Japan. “This…

ISQ changes the paradigm of wind turbine maintenance

The largest technological interface center in Portugal will help to develop, in partnership with Eptune Engineering, a more sustainable solution in the framework of maintenance operations of wind turbine blades, by testing materials. At stake is the design of innovative components that integrate a new mobile platform solution for access to wind towers, allowing their…

ISQ selected by the European Commission for the 100 MW green hydrogen production project – GreenH2Atlantic

ISQ was selected as R&D partner under the Green Deal to be part of the 100 MW green hydrogen production project in Sines. In consortium with 13 other entities – including EDP and GALP and partners from the academic and research world such as INESC-TEC and CEA – the project has a funding of 30…

ISQ will be part of a European initiative for cybersecurity in industry – Encrypt 4.0

Cybersecurity risks in industry and manufacturing are increasingly complex and with a tendency to grow, making it urgent to equip PMEs with the right tools for the dynamic environment of Industry 4.0. Cyberattacks are among the top five global risks, becoming the new standard in sectors such as energy, healthcare, and transportation. 60% of PMEs…