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AFNOR certifies ISQ in the aeronautics and space field

  The quality management system implemented by ISQ in the context of material, mechanical, dimensional and non-destructive control testing for the aeronautics, space and defence industry has been certified by AFNOR. This certification is recognition of ISQ’s capabilities in this sector and is another step forward in our continued effort to develop the aeronautical testing centre in Castelo Branco, Portugal, using our specific technical competences and experience to help position Portugal in Europe in a highly selective sector such as aeronautics. ISQ already has a huge amount of experience in the aerospace sector, as a result of its participation in, among others, the ESA – European Space Agency’s CUST Project, which involved developing a new covering panel for the orbital platform of a European launcher, and involvement in ESQS, a European Industry Group, formed, among others, by ISQ, APVE, TÜV, SUD, GTD and INSA to provide operations management services, technical inspections, risk analysis and the analysis/development of procedures for the launching systems Ariane 5, Soyuz and Vega at the European Space Centre in French Guiana. ISQ is a founding member of the recently-created AEROCLUSTER PORTUGAL, a technological aeronautics cluster of strategic interest for Portugal.

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