ISQ assina contrato com TOTAL E & P Angola - Grupo ISQ

ISQ Group wins $7 million contract with Angola LNG

The ISQ Group won a $7 million contract with Angola LNG, the country’s largest liquefied natural gas producer. The ISQ Group is part of an inspection team that supervises the construction work of a set of new support infrastructures to Angola LNG’s onshore gas processing plant, in Soyo, Angola. In the largest exploration being undertaken in the world (there are larger reserves), ISQ is already collaborating in the supervision of the construction work of a bridge and set of roads providing access to the Angola LNG plant, called the Cadal Road and Bridge. It will also be responsible for the inspection, technical support and consultancy services in the construction of over 500 permanent residential houses for the employees of Angola LNG and in the construction of a marina in the bay that provides operational support, known as Marine Operations Bay. The work is expected to be finalised by mid-2016 and for the ISQ Group it involves a team of 15 highly qualified engineers, some of whom have moved to Angola from Portugal during the first six months of the project. ISQ has been working with Angola LNG since 2010 in areas such as the quality control of the tanks (weld testing and non-destructive testing) at its Soyo plant. ISQ has been present in Angola for around 30 years and currently has two companies under Angolan law: ISQAPAVE (in partnership with the French group APAVE, since 2005) and ISQ Reabilitação, since 2008.

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