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Sondar.i – ISQ Group new company

  Sondar.i stems from a company formed by ISQ and two companies of the Sondar Group: Sondar- Amostragens e tecnologias do ar and Sondarlab – laboratório da qualidade do ar. This new company, which operates in the area of gaseous effluent characterisation in stationary sources and the assessment of ambient air quality, brings together the experience and know-how of ISQ’s environmental laboratories and Sondar’s stationary source measurement and consulting. With the creation of Sondar.i, ISQ and Sondar decided to take another important step with a common strategy for quality, growth and consolidation with further responsibility for their clients needs. Around two years ago, ISQ and Sondar had already created Q3A, Qualidade do Ar, Acústica e Ambiente in Brazil, being involved in major projects in South America.  

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