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ISQ participates in Additive Manufacturing workshop

  In connection with their participation in EuMaT – European Technology Platform for Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies, and on their behalf, ISQ, in the person of Engineer Helena Gouveia, was invited to intervene in the workshop organised by the European Commission. “Additive Manufacturing” is a new manufacturing method, whereby objects are built by depositing material layer by layer. This manufacturing method breaks away from traditional concepts and opens up a world of new opportunities, in particular for unique or customised objects and complex forms impossible to obtain by other means. The potential economic, social and environmental benefits of this manufacturing technology are so high that the European Commission decided to promote the workshop to listen to the various scientific, technical and industrial entities, etc., with the objective of determining how Horizon 2020 can leverage the field of this technology and effectively turn it into an industrial manufacturing technology. You can follow this workshop on the website    

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