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ITER: training “green energy” experts

ISQ has won another contract to train “green” energy experts in the scope of the ITER project, the world’s largest experimental project for nuclear fusion as a clean energy source. Under this contract with the European Fusion Energy Development Agency (F4E), ISQ will train technicians who are based in Spain, France, Germany, and Japan.

“This contract will last for three years and will manage the training plans of more than 600 ITER and F4E technicians in the most diverse areas, aiming at the permanent updating of technical skills (materials, tests, trials, inspections, quality), soft skills and management (management, project management, accounting, leadership, communication, coaching), in digital formats, on line live training and face to face, with a practical and hands on component”explains Margarida Segard, Director of the ISQ Academy.

This is yet another achievement for Portugal, through the ISQ group, with a committed ISQ Academy team capable of designing, managing, and delivering training in the most diverse points of the globe, in several languages, and with a level of excellence recognized by the client and partner: F4E.

ISQ had already been the winner of the first contest launched in 2018, having demonstrated that there is know-how of excellence in Portugal in the training area, which is quite competitive globally at this level.


It is the largest scientific investment of today and in which ISQ participates within the scope of its areas of competence. The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor aims to build the first experimental nuclear fusion reactor, capable of generating a positive energy return, demonstrating the scientific and technical feasibility of nuclear fusion as a clean energy source. ISQ collaborates with ITER and F4E by providing services in areas as varied as: training, inspection, testing, development of non-destructive control technology, process engineering, liaison engineering and support services to basic engineering (design and analysis). In the area of quality assurance and manufacturing control, ISQ is the F4E reference partner in the form of a framework contract which assigns responsibility for monitoring the manufacture of components supplied by the EU.

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