Portuguese ISQ Group part of the technical commission of Expo 2017 in Kazakhstan

ISQ integrates a panel of experts formed by 12 members, comprising architects and specialists in the area of sustainable building and construction, of which eight are Kazakhs and four are foreign. The role of this Technical Commission is to classify more than 50 bids received from all over the world. These bid come after the International Tender launched by the Expo 2017 managing entity to choose the concept, architecture, urban planning and design of the event and the location where it will be hosted. The theme of this world exhibition is “Energy for the Future”. The focus will be the issues of sustainability, environmental impact, carbon footprint and use of water. And there are currently huge expectations as to the used of high end technology for renewable energies and energy rationalization models. ISQ participated in projects such as EXPO98, EURO 2004 or EURO 2008 in different fronts. In Kazakhstan is present with a representation since 2012, the result of an internationalization strategy in different industry sectors, e.g. Energy and Oil & Gas.

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