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ISQ Group trains Volkswagen engineers

  Last August, in collaboration with ISTUC (ISQ’s partner in Mexico), ISQ conducted a training course in Laser Welding for engineers from Volkswagen Mexico. Laser welding has been used in certain applications for around thirty five years. However, despite the high cost of this type of equipment, recent years have witnessed significant growth in the number of industrial applications and it is no longer a welding process only used by a very small number of industries. This growth has resulted in an increase in the demand for workers who are highly qualified in laser welding. It was the first time that the “European Laser Welding Personnel” qualification by the European Welding Federation, with its new structure, was conducted outside Europe. It should be noted that ISQ has held the Permanent Executive Secretariat of the European Welding Federation (EWF) since 1982. The organisation has 23 members which are Welding Institutes in the same number of European countries.  

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