The ISQ Group and GALP begin a new project

  GALP Energia was at ISQ, in Oeiras, Portugal, on the 26th of March to kick-off the co-promotion UTDRILL CONTROL research project which is aimed at the development of a communications system using ultrasound technology for control and diagnostics of oil drilling equipment. GALP Energia sponsors this project participating as a partner, due to the importance that its results bring to the reliability, performance and productivity of their oil exploration operations which are becoming even more important and of strategic interest to the sector. The expected results of UTDRILL CONTROL are of the utmost importance to the activities of the ISQ Group in the Oil & Gas sector, allowing the extension of the upstream stages, particularly in oil exploration. In the first stage, this project aims to test the concept of a disruptive technology which is intended to substitute that currently used, and which, in more advanced development phases, will lead to an innovative and high added value product for oil exploration operators worldwide.    

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