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Non-destructive testing – Advanced

ISQ has the ability to develop customized Non-destructive testing techniques according to the customer needs

About this service:

When the response to needs for inspection of materials, equipment and structures does not fall in the so-called conventional non-destructive testing techniques (NDT), ISQ uses a range of Advanced NDT.

Supported by its R&D department, ISQ has its own ability to develop applications of customized NDT techniques according to the customer needs. These advanced NDT solutions enable you to store and share data, thereby rendering the dissemination and consultation of results fully accessible to all areas involved, e.g. quality, production and maintenance. The increased sensitivity of this kind of tests and the spatial resolution make inspections feasible and less dependent on the operator, significantly improving the probability to detect discontinuities.

Testing techniques available:

  • Computed Radiography (CR)
  • Phased array (PA)/ FMC and TFM
  • Automated Phased Array (PA AUT)
  • Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT)
  • Ultrasonic testing by immersion (IRIS)
  • Long Range Ultrasonic Testing – Guided Waves
  • EMAT – Electromagnetic acoustic transducer
  • Pulsed Eddy Current
  • ACFM
  • Eddy Current Testing and Remote Field Eddy Current Testing
  • Time of Flight Diffractio – TOFD
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing
  • Floor Scan
  • Infrared Thermography and standard thermography
  • Type of Service: Non-Destructive Testing, Testing
  • Areas: Aeronautical & Aerospace, Automotive, Construction & Infrastructures, Energy & Power Generation, Infrastructures & Transportation, Oil & Gas, Process Industries, Services Sector
  • Business Unit: ISQ

How we can help

We act comprehensively throughout the value chain, providing you with access to over 250 specialised services, hundreds of technical specialists and the accumulated experience of over 50 years operating in these areas around the world, leading some of the most significant national and international projects.

What sets us apart

  • The diversity of our services
  • Comprehensive laboratory capacity with accredited laboratories, fixed and mobile, equipped with the latest technology
  • The recognized quality and safety in our services
  • Relevant international partnerships with market leaders and entities such as the UN, ESA, CERN, ITER
  • The competence of our team of PhDs, scientists, researchers, engineers and specialized technicians with relevant and solid experience
  • The close relationship with our customers, supported by a network of branches and subsidiaries around the world
  • The accreditations, certifications and notifications of most of the activities carried out
  • International activity in markets such as aerospace, nuclear fusion, physics and astrophysics, oil and gas, sustainability and circular economy
  • The ability to support you in Innovation activities

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