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Management of Civil Engineering Works in Angola

  ISQ Reabilitação and INEA – Instituto Nacional de Estrada de Angola (National Roads Institute of Angola) promoted a presentation session for the Civil Engineering Works Management System implemented by ISQ in the road network of Angola, which took place at the facilities of LEA – Laboratório de Engenharia de Angola (Engineering Laboratory of Angola), in Luanda on the February 28th. At this session, attended by about 40 guests, the Secretary of State for Construction, Ilídio Braz, who chaired the session, was present along with the General Director of INEA, António Resende, the Administrator of ISQ, Jacinto Maia Rito and the Administrator of ISQ Reabilitação, Miguel Dias Correia. In the presentation, the work developed by ISQ Reabilitação for INEA, within the scope of inventory and inspection of approximately 900 bridges located in the core roads network of Angola, was shown and included the Pontis®BrM, used in the maintenance of the civil engineering works management system. This software answers the following questions: What are the intervention needs on the bridges? What type of work should be carried out? When? At what cost? Which bridges should be dealt with first? What are the consequences of delaying these works? The importance of the sustainability of road assets (roads and bridges) was also discussed as a way of improving the lives of the populations and their relevance to the economic and social progress of Angola. The interest in this project and its continuation was also highlighted so as to ensure the safety and functionality of the road network. ISQ Reabilitação is an ISQ Group company which provides services in the Angolan market, in the areas of civil construction, public works and general maintenance and also performs quality control tests, structure projects, supervision and works management.    

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