ISQ Group wins GASCO international public tender in Abu Dhabi

  ISQ Group, through its company in Abu Dhabi – ISQ Sultan International – won an international tender to carry out surveying of Cathodic Protection systems of pipelines and tanks owned by GASCO (Abu Dhabi Gas Industries: onshore gas processing and transportation of gas and liquid products). The contract is worth around $600,000 during the next 3 years with an already approved extension of $500,000 for the 2 subsequent years. Amongst many other assets, GASCO is the owner of the largest gas treating plant in the world and the beginning of the field survey that took place in yearly May marks an important step on the development of ISQ business in the region. This new contract in the Arabian Peninsula is aligned with the strategy of knowledge transfer and business diversification that ISQ Group pursues in the Middle East region. Several engineers and technical staff of ISQ Sultan will be involved in the project during the next 5 years but, in the first year – for launching of the project and training of local personnel – the teams will also integrate Engineers from LabMat – Materials Laboratory of ISQ Portugal. ISQ Group has been working in Abu Dhabi for 10 years, providing consultancy services to laboratories and oil facilities, integrity assessment of critical industrial equipment, testing and professional training. ISQ has been working with GASCO, providing services of Remnant Life Assessment and Engineering Studies, since 2010.  

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