ISQ promotes entrepreneurship for youth employment 1

ISQ promotes entrepreneurship for youth employment

  ISQ promotes entrepreneurial skills and self-esteem of young people in creating their own employment and business. The ability to solve problems, creativity, product orientation for the market and personal and communication skills were the themes most valued by the youths who attended the workshop’s 8 pilot sessions. This workshop, aimed at young people aged between 18 and 25, with 9th grade of schooling, is based on an innovative methodology implemented in the Ministry of Education of the UK and Scotland with a high success rate in motivation for the learning and the creation of sustainable own-businesses. In the course, specific contents of entrepreneurship were developed, including “Planning a company”, “Generating business ideas”, “The assessment of the company” – and personal self-management skills and skills to strengthen their own power and knowledge so as to stimulate self-confidence and the ability to act in an emancipated and safe manner in the social and work environment. To enable Portuguese teachers and trainers who are capable of stimulating these youth groups is the aim of the I&D ENTER project – “Entrepreneurship for Employment” coordinated by ISQ, co-funded by the European Union LLL-Leonardo da Vinci programme, focusing on fighting unemployment through the promotion of an entrepreneurial spirit in young people. Mais informações Raquel Almeida

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