1st National Meeting on Nanotechnology Legislate to compete 1

1st National Meeting on Nanotechnology: Legislate to compete

  The 1st National Meeting “Nanotechnology: Legislate to compete” will take place on 3 April 2014 at IPQ’s facilities in Almada, Portugal. This meeting, organised by the PToNANO consortium, in the context of the European NANoREG project, intends to debate the importance of legislation/regulation for the responsible development of nanoscience, nanotechnology and nanomaterials, and their impact on economic and social progress. It also aims to encourage dialogue and establish collaboration between the different national bodies involved in innovation and the development of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology was identified as a key enabling technology that drives industrialised countries’ economic growth through their different uses, which have revealed important socio-economic benefits. Nonetheless, the sustainability of this great potential depends largely on the production capacity and safe use of nanomaterials in order to minimise the potential risks of occupational exposure, introduce products containing nanomaterials to the market that are safe for the consumer and the environment (“safe by design”) and thereby help encourage innovation, competitiveness and the responsible development of nanotechnology. Debating these topics now is crucial, and the inclusion of all those involved in the process is needed urgently. Participation is free and those interested should register by 24 March 2014. Programme  

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