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International Conference Series for Employment and Learning

The ISQ Group is promoting an International Conference Series in Germany, Italy and Turkey to disseminate innovative training products and good practices applicable to lifelong learning and youth and adult employment. These Conferences are jointly organised by over sixty European partners and cover topics such as inclusion of young people, training of trainers and coaches, entrepreneurship and basic skills for employability, resulting from Research & Development work co-financed by the Lifelong Learning Programme. Sharing and discussions are planned, involving over eight hundred training providers, companies, social partners and public services in order to improve Training, Economic and Social Development and Employment in Europe.   CONFERÊNCIAS – AGENDA “Mobility Coach” Project 22nd and 23rd September – Freiburg, Germany Theme and products: Paradigm shift of European Mobility; European Profile of Mobility Coach and Coach Training Course applied to the mobility of workers and students   “Cultool” Project 23rd September – Valladolid, Spain Theme and products: Interculturality, virtual classroom for the acquisition and recognition of intercultural competences in labour market insertion programmes   “Skills Up” Project 24th and 25th September – Naples, Italy Theme and products: The importance of basic skills for employment: set of training tools and methodologies in 14 transversal skills for young people and/or adults and their trainers   “From Idea to Enterprise” Project 8th and 9th October – Rome, Italy Theme and products: Entrepreneurship, Research and Value Creation; Entrepreneurship and Innovation Course and European Certification for researchers and young entrepreneurs   “CarES” Project 17th October – Istambul, Turkey Theme and products: Emotional Intelligence in the health and social sensitivity of professionals in the healthcare and social services sector; online self-assessment and self-training tool   “+Acreditation of Previous Learnings” Project 21st and 22nd October – Granada, Spain Theme and products: Recognition and Validation of formal and non-formal employability competences; European Profile of RVCC Technician – Recognition, Validation and Certification of Competences   “YES” Project 24th October – Istambul, Turkey Theme and products: Entrepreneurship for the young unemployed and NEETS – Not in Education, Employment or Training; developing your own business as an alternative to unemployment. Training course for developing your own business   “CPS+45” Project 11th and 12th November – Istambul, Turkey Theme and products: Professional development and guidance of adults over 45 years of age; counselling and career management methodologies and instruments for active senior citizens Contact Ana Azevedo

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