Representatives of both entities highlight not only the importance of AIRMES project, as well as the fact that this be another opportunity for closer relations for years to have developed between the ISQ and TAP.

Margarida Pinto, head of the ISQ Research and Development Department, underlines: “This project pursues the close collaboration between ISQ and TAP especially in the area of research and development, in which ISQ carried out, together with TAP, industrial maintenance projects. At the end of 2015, a joint project in the scope of the European Framework FP7 was successfully completed. This project with TAP-ME (Maintenance & Engineering) was focused on the development of advanced methodologies for nondestructive inspection of composite aero structures. For ISQ, the participation in this European project means a step forward in the recognition of ISQ as a supporting technological infrastructure of strategic interest for the aeronautical sector, through the development of technologies and competences for a sector as differentiating as this one, accomplishing once again its mission to support the National industry”. On the other hand, Joel Ferreira, coordinator of the AIRMES Project reinforces that: “ISQ’s experience was essential for the success of the AIRMES proposal and to guarantee the Portuguese coordination of the project. ISQ was supporting TAP from the beginning of the process and made a decisive contribution to overcome difficulties when the Portuguese coordination was threatened along with the viability of the consortium and of the project. TAP and ISQ partnership in this area lasts for many years now and it is

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