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Third largest worldwide manufacturer of commercial aircraft, also with a presence in the executive Aviation and defence and security market, Embraer is a company based in Brazil with more than 19 thousand employees and with clients in more than 60 countries. In 2012, Portugal was the country chosen for the implementation of two plants mainly due to its qualified human resources.
With a differentiating position in the market, ISQ became an important partner to the Brazilian multinational company. The Chairman of Embraer Portugal, Paulo Marchioto, describes this solid relationship.

What were the reasons which led Embraer to build two plants in Portugal, and especially in Évora?

From the strategic analysis performed a decade ago, Embraer identified very specific technological areas in our suppliers and found, in the European Union and especially in Portugal, conditions which allowed the setting up of two plants. Also, the city of Évora offers excellent conditions, from available qualified labour to quality of life.

Did ISQ contribute to the success of the activity of Embraer in Évora?

ISQ started to work with Embraer in Évora during the construction phase of the two plants. This collaboration continued during the Installation of the equipment and the kick-off of the plant activity. It continues today in our daily production activity. To date, we can say that ISQ has contributed to the success of Embraer in Évora.

Have ISQ laboratories a response capacity in terms of Embraer needs and demands?

One of the reasons why ISQ has supported our operations in Évora relates to the range of services it offers and proposes when needed. We have used ISQ whenever our needs come across ISQ competitive proposals in comparison to other entities present in the market. ISQ is competitive in terms of budget and service quality in the current market.

What are the expectations for reinforcing the relationship between Embraer and ISQ in Évora?

From our experience with the company and the results of the work developed until this day, Embraer sees, in ISQ, an organisation with relevant competences which may continue to be useful whenever our needs meet their competitive offer.

What where the reasons which led to the development and production of wings in Portugal?

Embraer identifies the development and production of wings as a critical activity in its know-how generating process as an aeronautical integrator (OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturers). With wing parts or full wings produced in Évora, our objective as a centre of excellence is that both our companies in Portugal closely follow the global trends regarding this specific matter. It was in this context that the advisability study for the project arose and which involved the test performed by ISQ, in Castelo Branco, of a wing demonstrator in composite materials.

And has ISQ once again proven to be a good technological partner?

With the objective of running a series of tests on a wing demonstrator only in composite materials, Embraer conducted an assessment of the skills available in Portugal. From the consultations made, ISQ seemed to gather the suitable conditions to perform it and it also has the experience within the market. Therefore, the project moved ahead.

In this field of technological development, what are your expectations regarding the future relationship between the two companies?

Again, the facts which led to the cooperation we have today suggest that there might be more projects, with the identification of new specific opportunities in which, in a market as competitive as this, ISQ is a win-win partner.

Does Embraer intend to develop other projects in Portugal?

Yes, in the first quarter of this year, we signed two new investment contracts with the Portuguese government which, among other projects, will enable high-rate production of large structures sets for a new Embraer family of commercial jets, the E-Jets E2. In total, we will invest more than 93 million Euros in Portugal.

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