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The focus on the production of Green Hydrogen is a strategy of Portugal for the decarbonization of the economy and reduction of dependence on fossil fuels.

The focus on hydrogen production is a national and European priority strategy for decarbonising the economy and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. The great versatility of hydrogen allows multiple uses ranging from use in industry as raw material to heating, both in buildings and burning equipment, through the decarbonization of the transport sector.

This strategic commitment is aimed not only at meeting climate targets, but also on economic development and European industrial leadership in hydrogen-related technologies. The targets are ambitious, with an associated investment of €430 billion expected to be installed by 2030.

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The implementation of Green Hydrogen brings a number of challenges but ISQ’s activities and competences align with the value chain of green hydrogen production and use. Thus, ISQ supports development and innovation in industry on a global scale, with solutions and services for the Energy, Oil&Gas, Process Industry, Infrastructure and Mobility sectors, based on the commitment to the transition to a low-carbon economy.

In this context, it is worth highlighting the technological role of ISQ in all phases of the national Natural Gas project. From the outhee, in ensuring and controlling the quality of the construction of transport and distribution infrastructure, in supporting final consumers in changing their networks and burning systems and in the training of professionals.

ISQ in hydrogen since 2004

ISQ started its hydrogen activity in 2004 through its participation in the pioneering and emblematic European project Naturalhy which investigated the effects of introducing hydrogen mixtures with natural gas for transport into the European natural gas network.

The Naturalhy project focused in particular on material assessment components, inspection methodologies, risk assessment and adequacy of existing installations for the introduction of natural gas mixtures with hydrogen.

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ISQ’s offering of solutions for Green Hydrogen is comprehensive, covering the various stages of the value chain, Production, Distribution and Use and focuses on maximizing safety, reliability and sustainability.

From the outset, in a non-exhaustive way, in the areas of safety, risk assessment, licensing, quality assurance, infrastructure integrity assessment, reliability analysis, modeling and optimization of the integration of energy systems and life cycle assessment and various support activities such as metrological assessment, validation and certification of equipment and technical training.

ISQ specializes in sustainability, materials and reliability, sensorization and algorithms, data processing, quality assurance methodologies, risk and safety assessment, training and qualification, quality assurance and control, and legal and regulatory support.

Where we are now

We are present throughout the green hydrogen chain, from production to use, through the transport and distribution of

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ISQ is part of the H2 CoLAB Green Hydrogen consortium, which aims to develop solutions with relevant scientific and technological content, as well as the promotion of the hydrogen economy, allowing its dissemination and widespread use, in safety and at efficient costs. The H2 CoLAB Green Hydrogen consortium is made up of academic and scientific institutions and major technological players that, globally, bring together in an articulated way the most relevant and transversal skills in the H2 value chain. In this way, it will be possible to ensure the success of the H2 CoLAB Green Hydrogen and make it a scientific and technological reference center to develop the most suitable solutions today, and guarantee its technological leadership


The production of Green Hydrogen is a bet by Portugal for the decarbonization of the economy and reduction of dependence on fossil fuels. Investments in Green Hydrogen production plants in the coming years are huge and ISQ will be present to ensure that assets are built and operated within the rules and standards of quality, safety and environment and with a view to maximising their reliability and production.

ISQ has multidisciplinary teams and accredited laboratories that support licensing services, environmental impact studies, inspection, construction supervision, commissioning of Green Hydrogen plants and as well as the training of the operating and maintenance frameworks of these systems.

• Supervision of construction of production, transport and distribution facilities of H2
• Licensing and Environmental Impact Assessment of H2
production plants• Risk Analysis of Production Systems and Studies of explosive atmospheres (ATEX)
• Safety Training of Operation of H2 Systems

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Since the deactivation of the Sines coal-fired thermoelectric power plant is practically certain, there is the possibility of taking advantage of the space and the respective facilities to create a large-scale hydrogen production unit. Although no clear indications have been released regarding this possibility, it is, however, certain that Sines could be a privileged point for the installation of a hydrogen cluster, being the location of one of the pillars proposed in the Hylab. However, with current technology, using seawater will not be the most efficient way to obtain hydrogen.


In the near future, natural gas and transport networks will transport an energy mix of natural gas and green hydrogen. This will involve a permanent monitoring of gas infrastructure and mixture and an assessment of its transport capacity.

ISQ has multidisiciplinar teams with high competence and benm experience as accredited laboratories that cover current asset valuation needs and their monitoring.

• Inspection of storage tanks and transport and distribution networks
• Evaluation of the compatibility of materials and components for natural gas and H2
mixtures• Monitoring of distribution networks and gas transport
• Risk analysis and studies of explosive atmospheres (ATEX)
• Metrological evaluation of H2 measurement systems or gas mixtures
• H2 Systems Operation Safety Training
• Training of technicians and managers


The green hydrogen production strategy will be increasingly important in the energy mix in the coming years, with its use in industry as raw material, as fuel for the mobility sector and also for heating, in burning equipment or in buildings.


The green hydrogen injection pilot project

GGND is preparing a project for the distribution of a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas in a distribution network operated by Setgás, whose distribution point is located in the Seixal Industrial Park, in Setúbal.

The injection of green hydrogen (H2) into the natural gas (NG) network is the subject of a pilot project, prepared by GGND, for the distribution of a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas in a distribution network operated by Setgás (operator distribution network managed by GGND itself).
The point of production of H2 is located at the headquarters of the company Gestene, in the Industrial Park of Seixal, Setúbal. This company, a partner in this pilot, currently has an electrolyser and a photovoltaic park at its headquarters, with a view to producing, on an experimental basis, 10 m³/h of green hydrogen.
Given the proximity between the production unit and the Setgás network, and given the local configuration of the distribution network, the development of this project will cover around 80 usage facilities, with essentially residential characteristics. To connect the production point and the injection point, a new network section (1,400 m.) will be built, along which 100% H2 will circulate. In a first phase of the pilot, the ratio of the H2/NG mixture will increase up to 5%, reaching, in a second phase, the maximum percentage of 20%, using H2 produced from green energy purchased from a supplier, if necessary .
Various controls will also be carried out on the behavior of the equipment involved, largely entrusted to specialized entities, namely through the participation of a gas inspector, an entity certifying domestic gas equipment and also involving the participation of manufacturers of this equipment.

ISQ multidisciplinary teams have high competence and experience and are supported in accredited laboratories with the capacity to carry out all the assessments necessary for the reconversion of processes/equipment for hydrogen use.

• Evaluation of materials and equipment for their use in H2
systems• Feasibility studies for the integration of H2 in thermal processes
• Inspection evaluation and monitoring of burning equipment
• Risk Analysis and ATEX Studies
• Metrological evaluation and calibration of H2 measurement systems or gas mixtures
• Inspection of fuel stations
• Safety Training H2

Where we’re going next

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