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ISQ collaborates with ESO to build the largest optical telescope in the world

The ISQ Group has signed a contract with the ESO (European Southern Observatory) for participation in the construction of the largest optical telescope and the world’s infrared European Extremely Large Telescope (E_ELT) a project that will take nine years to become operational and will involve a budget of approximately billion.

This contract is validate the trust that ESO puts the powers of the ISQ group according to the partnership built in the last decade .

In the case of E_ELT ISQ participate at the level of management and quality assurance in the construction of complex infrastructure technical inspections and engineering of a new terrestrial optical telescope whose size complexity and technology is unparalleled.

In this project the ISQ will support the ESO in the construction and assembly Quality Assurance (Quality Assurance / Quality Control – QA / QC) from the manufacturers of the most critical structures and systems .

Since the different parts of the telescope will be made throughout Europe and Brazil ISQ monitor actions considered critical and which relate to the construction transport process assembly and final acceptance.

In the case of construction of the main mirror will consist of 800 small segments Hexagonal ISQ will be responsible for all monitoring from the manufacture of hexagons to its assembly transport and final tests.

The main valences ISQ Portuguese group are again related to its vast expertise in Management and Quality Assurance in the construction of complex infrastructure Inspections Technical and Engineering in concrete in the areas of Special Process Qualification Optical Metrology Steel Structures and Inspections Destructive not.

In the race to this contest were several international players including German .

The construction of E_ELT is led by a consortium of European countries which also participate in Brazil and Chile and will be in the latter country in the desert plateau of Atacama to 3000m altitude run the construction of what will become the single largest optical telescope in operation in the world.

The construction will start in 2016 and take about nine years to become operational .


The ISQ already collaborates with the ESO since 2004. In the past it was carried out audits to other radio telescopes projects such as VST and ALMA.

In the case of the E-ELT ISQ group cooperated so far in the draft revision in supporting the preparation of other proposals choice of suppliers and some inspections. Back Share Print

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