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Condition assessment system for coke drums

  ISQ, in partnership with consortia CNCC and TEAG, is responsible for the design, installation and training for the operation of a high temperature stress monitoring system for coke drums in the Abreu e Lima refineries – PE and COMPERJ- RJ. This system, developed for classified areas in accordance with standards NBR 9518 1997, IEC 60079-5 and IEC 60079-18, will enable managers to monitor online the mechanical stress developed in key areas of the equipment, which is determined in tests carried out in partnership with the Petrobrás Research Centre – CENPES. In addition to these projects, which are now in their final stages, there is the work carried out in partnership with the CCPR consortium and in the REPLAN-SP and REGAP-MG refineries, with a standard of quality recognised by CENPES.  

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