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ISQ participates in most European program of industrial leadership in aeronautics

The ISQ will participate in the European Clean Sky2 program integrating AIRMES project coordinated by TAP in the area of ​​maintenance with a total budget of about 6 million euros and 46 million financing euros.

The project has the support of a consortium of 12 partners from 6 European countries and aims to develop a new architecture of Integrated Maintenance implemented relief technology which will lead to a reduction increased maintenance costs of availability and safety of the aircraft.

The participation of the ISQ in AIRMES project will focus on the implementation of virtual reality technologies to the process of inspection of fleets contributing even with its long and vast knowledge in the field of Maintenance Management industrial for the project in general. The Clean Sky2 is the largest European Programme for industry-leading R & D in the aeronautics sector with a total budget about 4 thousand EUR million financed by Community funds under the Horizon 2020 program and the main European industrial partners in the Aeronautics sector .

This project is the largest contract with national participation in this program inserted in the strategic topics on the demonstrator platform (IADP) Large Passenger Aircraft- LPA led by Airbus .

“This project continues the close collaboration between the ISQ and TAP particularly in the area of ​​research and development with the ISQ conducted last projects in the field of industrial maintenance. There is an ongoing project at the level of development of advanced methodologies in the area of ​​non-destructive inspection of aerostructures also with TAP ME. For the ISQ participation in this European program means another step in recognizing the ISQ as technology infrastructure support and strategic interest for the aircraft industry through the development of technology and skills for such a differentiator sector thus fulfilling once again their sense of mission to support the national industry “

underlines the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ISQ CEO Manuel Cruz .

ISQ in Aeronautics

The research activities and Development Training and technically differentiated Provision of Services are the three components that allow the ISQ a mediating role between the needs of the market and technology.

The research and technological development activities is one of the ISQ areas most relevant supporting technologically differentiated services worldwide .

The ISQ participated in the last 25 years in more than 400 collaborative R & D with over 1000 international partnerships .

The ISQ coordinated and participated in several European and national projects in different EU framework programs and can stand out some integrated projects of FP6 in the Aeronautics area such as Tatem projects Friendcopter in the areas of maintenance and respectively noise mitigation projects and-CAB management and logistics TRACE-IT project in the field of non-destructive inspection of composite structures in FP7 as well as in projects in co-promotion under the NSRF as the project CHRISTMAS in the area of ​​corrosion protection (pre-treatments environmentally friendly development for aluminum alloys) Nanosensors in monitoring aerostructures defects and AEROINSPECT project in the area of ​​automated inspection by nondestructive testing of aircraft components (turbine blades and wheels).

The ISQ participated in other RTD projects related to the area of ​​maintenance including the repair of turbine blades and inspection procedures (AROSATEC-FP6 Project) and TAP in Portugal (SIRBLADE Project).

The ISQ has also been involved in other technological development contracts with ESA (European Space Agency) in the space area in the area of ​​testing and customized testing as well as in the area of ​​coatings hexavalent chromium-free.

The ISQ recently installed in Castelo Branco one Structural Testing Center for Aeronautics and Space to respond to the aerospace industry requirements in the development phase focusing in the area of ​​qualification prototypes environmental simulation and accelerated aging.

The Structural Testing Center for Aerospace collaborates with the EMBRAER structural tests in the field of testing and validation of new products / components for aircraft .

Some of the partners / reference customers are:

Embraer OGMA TAP Lusospace Tekever Thales-Alenia Space Agusta Westland EADS-Airbus Snecma propulsion Solide Astrium NASA among others.

In reference projects still stands out ISQ-Kourou activity that operates in the European Space Centre in French Guiana since 2004 collaborating in the area of ​​inspection operations management techniques risk analysis and analysis / development of procedures for launch systems Ariane 5 Soyuz and VEGA.

also participated in IXV program (re-entry vehicle of the European Space Agency) .

Among other international clients / Referral programs can be cited CERN (Inspection and quality assurance for the LHC – Large Hadron Colider) ITER -International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (procedures NDT technicians) and the E-ELT (European Extremely Large Telescope) ESO (European Southern Observatory). Back Share Print

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