Learning Path

Learning Path 1

Learning Path

EU Programme: Erasmus+

Coordination: Tampereen Aikuiskoulutussäätiö sr (Finland)

Participants: VUC Storstrøm (Denmark)|Oberstufenzentrum Informations- und Medizintechnik (Germany)|Berufsförderungsinstitut Wien (Austria)|ISQ (Portugal)

Starting Year:  2018 

Duration: 2018-2021

ISQ Contact:

Areas: Education, Innovation, Integration, Training



Acronym: Learning Path

Project Title: Digitalized Learning Path for Educational Organizations

Project Code: 2018-1-FI01-KA202-047312

Total Cost: 225.899€

Funding: 225.899€



Learning Path project creates a systematic approach to developing digital capacity, skills and competences on three levels:

– organizational development of digital capacity (organizations learning path)

– personal/professional development of digital skills and competences (trainers learning path)

– cooperation development with companies.

Organizations digital capacity influence on trainers and trainees’ possibilities to enhance their digital skills and competences and use digital tools in varied ways supporting teaching and learning. Cooperation with external partners is an important part of vocational education development also in the area of lifelong learning of digital skills and competences.



Organizational strategies for developing digital capacity, digital skills and competences

Partner organizations will have created and updated strategy/plans for developing its digital capacity, and trainers’ digital skills and competences. Plans include also further developments steps.

Selection of assessment tools, covering selected areas of DigCompEdu as per the needs of participating organisations, compiled, tested and published in Learning Path platform

– Collection of assessment tools (e.g. national, European level)

– Assessments of digital capacity, personal assessments of trainers’ digital skills and competences

– Plans for Learning Path for organization and Learning Path for trainer

As a result, the participating organizations will have assessments made on organizational level and/or on personnel level (trainers) according to organizations current stage and needs for development.

Training packages (i.e. strategies and materials) for increasing the digital competence of educators compiled and tested and training schemes for trainer training (Digital skills and competences)

– Learning Path trainings for trainers

– Training material

Trainings will be planned to be flexible and suitable for different kind of situations. Main idea is practical workshops, in which is utilized a selection of methods to enable learning. These trainings will be developed in agile way, so that the experiences and feedback of trainers and participants will always have impact on modification of the training.

Interaction with external partners

Collection of tools and methods for external partners to start developing their digital skills and competences.





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