Be in Europe

Be in Europe 1

Be in Europe

EU Programme: Erasmus +

Coordination: La Coopérative d’Entrepreneurs de Corse – SC’OPARA (France)

Participants: Centre d’Information et d’Education Populaire – CIEP (Belgium)|Società Cooperativa Social CIVIFORM (Italy)|IASIS NGO (Greece)|ISQ (Portugal)|Technical Training Bulgaria – TTB (Bulgaria)

Starting Year:  2018 

Duration: 2018-2020

ISQ Contact:

Areas: Education, Integration, Social, Training


Acronym: Be in Europe

Project Title: Fostering Active Inclusion in Europe

Project Code: 2018-1-FR01-KA204-047931

Total Cost: 232 263€

Funding: 230 513€

Be in Europe project aims to accompany migration dynamics while developing and promoting an alternative learning device for migrants’ integration within society and labor market of the host countries.

The project is designed, on one hand, for migrants and supporting organizations promoting their social and cultural integration and, on the other hand, for companies and organisations involved in their professional integration.


Learning System for Migrants
Access to employment is one of the major components of the integration of immigrants in the host countries, helping to promote their economic autonomy and to facilitate socialisation. To put cultural differences at the service of employment and social cohesion, partners will create a learning system that aims the development and/or acquisition of psychosocial skills by migrants.

Learning System for Companies
This learning system aims at developing social mediation and intercultural skills within companies. This includes promoting interaction with others, who are different in language and culture, in order to overcome differences and defuse conflicts.

Support for the Creation of Activities/Entrepreneurship
It is important to enhance migrants’ skills and to combat their depreciation. During this activity, migrants and entrepreneurs will carry out a joint project around the theme of entrepreneurship, while each of both groups puts into practice the lessons received regarding psychosocial skills and social mediation/intercultural skills.

Collaborative Platform “Cliché”
This platform will support the “Cliché” activity. Through it, participants in each territory of the partnership will be invited to share clichés from their experience, so they can be analysed from different perspectives, within the intercultural environment in which we live.


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This project is Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.