ISQ Group launches quality control system for medicines

  It is called QCPHARMA and is the ISQ Group’s most recent proposal for the pharmaceutical sector. It is a laboratory which is highly specialised in developing and validating methods for medicinal product analysis. The Group foresees an investment of 3M€ until 2016, to consolidate its offering in the pharmaceutical sector. In the context of this new investment a conference dedicated to the pharmaceutical sector on the theme “Trusted Partnerships and Innovation Boost the Pharmaceutical Industry” was held at the ISQ Campus on the 19th June. The event provided an opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry to learn of the ISQ Group’s two new projects for the sector: QCPharma, a new medicines quality control laboratory and 3S Bluestabil, a new stability services company for medicines in controlled environmental conditions – both affiliates of the ISQ Group which with these two new businesses aims to position itself as the partner of choice in the pharmaceutical sector. The conference, which was opened by ISQ’s Vice-President Joaquim Guedelha, saw interventions by ISQ, QCPharma , 3S Bluestabil, Infarmed, Hovione and Generis. 3S Bluestabil 3S Bluestabil was founded in September 2013 and authorised by Infarmed in March 2014, and already has 50% of its storage capacity for medicinal products occupied. The company is the result of a partnership of the ISQ Group with Aralab, a specialist in climate solutions. Its core business consists of providing storage space for medicines to be placed in climatic chambers, offering stability services for pharmaceutical products. QCPharma, the ISQ Group’s other proposal for the sector, obtained authorisation from Infarmed in March 2014 and is already in operation. Its mission is to perform chemical quality control testing of medicines. This new laboratory arises from a partnership between between LABQUI – Laboratório de Química e Ambiente, one of the ISQ Group’s laboratories and Labiagro, an affiliate company of the ISQ Group specialised in the determination of chemical and microbiological contaminants in the food industry. More •  

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