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E-learning for entrepreneurship of young unemployed

  A pilot entrepreneurship e-learning course was implemented by ISQ, involving 10 young unemployed, under the European project YES – Youth Unemployment: Fostering Entrepreneurial Skills). The course, which ended on the 17th June, was developed within the framework of a European Research and Development project, co-financed by the Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme, which enabled the e-learning course originally created by the Greek Institute for Entrepreneurship to be adapted and improved. Under this project, on the basis of diagnoses developed in each country (Portugal, Turkey, Spain, Greece) e-tutors were trained, materials adapted and the pilot training courses implemented. From the 9th – 17th June a group of young people selected by the Parish Council of Santa Maria dos Olivais, an entity which embraced the pilot project with ISQ, received 10 days of e-training, which was divided into face-to-face and online (asynchronous) sessions. The course enabled the young people involved to create and describe a business idea and business plan, with feasibility for implementation, stimulating the entrepreneurial spirit in each of them and to become familiar with the specific terminology and techniques to enable access to credit and partnerships.  

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