V Luso-Algerian Summit: ISQ Algeria has the group's largest contract worth €25.7 million

memorando As part of the 5th Luso-Algerian Summit held this morning in Lisbon, at Palácio Foz, ISQ signed a memorandum of understanding with the Algerian Public Works Technical Control Body, with sustainable construction and quality on the agenda. It should be noted that ISQ has been present in Algeria for 11 years and currently has the group's largest contract worth 25.7 million euros in the area of corrosion inspection and monitoring services with Groupement Berkine, grouping between Sonatrach and Anadarko. It is the result of a trade strategy focused on the Sonatrach groupings, which are responsible for the major oil & gas projects in the country. ISQ provides a permanent team of Algerian technicians who assess the condition status of equipment and piping from the extraction hole zone to the oil and gas treatment units. The evaluation is carried out at 2 oil installations, one of them in the largest gas extraction field (EL MERK) and a second at one of the largest oil extraction fields (HBNS), both in the Hassi Berkine basin in Algeria. SARL ISQ services aim to assess the condition status of assets to maximize facility availability and prevent failures and/or accidents in service. Punctually, these activities are complemented with expatriate expert technicians from the ISQ group who carry out training, technology transfer and support inspection and testing activities. Although the activity of this contract is centered in southern Algeria, in the middle of the Sahara desert (900km from the coast), the operations are supported by a logistics coordination team in the capital Algiers and through the Project Management ensured between Algeria and Portugal. The SARL ISQ team has 100 employees and a set of portfolio contracts that allow you to face the future with optimism in this geography.  Memorandum of Understanding signed today with Algeria: Considering the importance attributed by both States and private entities to the construction sector – based on excellence, political relations and historical ties – the Memorandum of Understanding is intended to establish cooperation between ISQ and the Algerian Public Works Technical Control Office for the exchange of experiences in the areas of technical projects, metrology, assistance and training in several areas. The areas of cooperation are based on the following axes: 1) Technical Projects

  1. a) Technical evaluation of infrastructure projects
  2. b) Calculation of metal structures
  3. c) Quality supervision
  4. (d) corrosion and destructive and non-destructive testing
  5. e) Safety, hygiene and environment
  6. (f) Assessment of the environmental impact of projects
  7. (g) road equipment control (road signs, containment devices, beacons, etc.)
  8. h) Economic study of infrastructure projects

2) Metrology

  1. a) Calibration and calibration of scientific equipment for control tests
  2. b) Certification
  3. c) Legal metrology
  4. d) Establishment of the metrology function

3) Assistance and Training Training in several technical and quality areas: – Business management – Internal Communication – Human Resources Management (GRH) and Materials Resource Management (GRM) – Security – File management – Monitoring in the field of accreditation – Quality management according to ISO 9001 | 2015 – Assistance in the field of development of important projects – Seminars and thematic conferences – Technical studies


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