Portugal has company accredited to participate in the launch of medicines in the North American market

QCPharma, laboratory of the ISQ Group, specialized in the pharmaceutical field, recently received the 1st Inspection of the prestigious FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the U.S. Federal Agency responsible for the protection and promotion of public health through food safety control, medicines, vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, veterinary products, among others. Passing FDA testing is truly a very relevant step as it is known the very high degree of demand that this Agency requires. QCPharma thus combines with a service of excellence the opportunity to collaborate with the national pharmaceutical industry in the launch of medicines for the US market, which is of the greatest relevance even more in the current global pandemic period of COVID-19. Created in 2013, this ISQ Laboratory is dedicated to quality control to pharmaceuticalproducts. It has GMP Certificate and Manufacturing Authorization, by Infarmed, for the operations of physical-chemical quality control of human medicines, experimental drugs and active substances and also Manufacturing Authorization for Narcotics and Psychotropic Products for human use (Table I to IV of Decree-Law No. 15/93, of January 22). QCPharma supports companies and organizations in the pharmaceutical context and differentiates itself by delivering highly credible results, with rapid response, with successful solutions. Analyzing the increase in available services and the number of customers, QCPharma confirms the choice that its customers make for the trust, quality and credibility of the services provided. For the future, QCPharma foresees a commitment to sustained, quality growth, framed in the highest standards of demand of the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory entities such as the FDA and INFARMED.


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