Portugal finally has electromagnetic compatibility tests for homologation of automotive components

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) has just assigned powers to ISQ for electromagnetic compatibility tests that allow imt to type up automotive components. ISQ becomes the only entity in Portugal accredited in this field. These tests are intended to verify that any system, when installed in a motor vehicle, does not influence the systems that are related to the safety of passengers and their vehicle. "Until a few years ago, all manufacturers of national automotive components were obliged to use laboratories outside Portugal, so from now on there is a national entity, ISQ, which through its Testing Laboratories in Electrical Equipment, can give a better response to manufacturers, reflecting a greater competitiveness for the national automotive sector that does not have to import this service", pedro matias, president of ISQ. "This achievement is a very important milestone for Portugal because it is known the bet that the country and the national industry have made in the automotive cluster and, in particular, in the rise in the value chain at the level of component producers. The Portuguese automotive components industry is considered of excellence by major brands of car manufacturers worldwide and with this additional step will be even better and is another competitive factor for attracting structural foreign investment", adds Pedro Matias. In the automotive area, ISQ has its own laboratories and experience in the area of electromagnetic compatibility, with the ability to plan, test and report tests on components, systems and technical units. ISQ provides the turnkey service to obtain the respective approval certificate issued by IMT – Institute of Mobility and Transport, thus being a technical and commercial alternative attractive to all customers, in particular those of the Iberian Peninsula. ISQ IN THE AUTOMOVEL CLUSTER: It should be noted that in the area of mobility, particularly in the automotive sector, ISQ already has a long experience. It has a Center of Excellence in the North of the country, in Monção, for testing of automotive components and has as strategic objective the approach to the automotive industry of the North and Galicia as well as to emerging markets. "This ISQ laboratory (LABAUTO) specializes in reliability testing, corrosion testing and protection index, automotive component testing in the field of physical chemistry and materials, electromagnetic compatibility simulation and process engineering," says José Medina, Director of the Laboratories area at ISQ.  This isq group infrastructure was designed from the beginning with an international vocation, and can attract foreign direct investment to Portugal because it offers integrated solutions with added value for those who want to settle in Portugal. Also in the automotive sector, ISQ provides services to inspection centers, both nationally and internationally (Spain), very focused on road safety. It calibrates the rebutters, the alignment and suspensions of vehicles as well as checks on the CO values of the gases of petrol and opacity vehicles in the case of diesel vehicles.


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