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waterwatt As part of the WaterWatt project, the Energy Efficiency Assessment Platform (Platform E 3) has just been launched in Brussels as a final result of this European project, of which ISQ is a partner. Platform E 3 (E3 = Energy Efficiency & Evaluation) is a free innovative platform, available online, with a set of tools that allow the user to perform diagnostics of their industry's water circuits and perform a comparative analysis of their efficiency with industry benchmarks. In addition to this diagnosis, the user also has access to a user friendly simulation tool, developed by ISQ, which allows you to build your own water circuit and evaluate more efficient solutions. In essence, the E3 Platform disseminates know-how in energy efficiency using energy, allowing industries to evaluate and identify energy optimization measures without the need for knowledge or experience in simulation.MG 7353 Muriel Iten, head of ISQ's Low Carbon & Energy Efficiency I&Di unit adds that "the WaterWatt project, through "E3 plataform", provides a free set of tools and online simulator that allows, in a simplified way, to evaluate and optimize industrial water circuits by industrialists, energy managers and professionals in the field." The results of this project also extended to the creation of an app, WaterWatt Mobile, developed through the E3 Platform. In order to stimulate knowledge, the platform uses gamification that, in a playful way, encourages users to retain concepts and practices of energy efficiency, with less effort. The app is available for Android smartphones and integrates quizz and interactive games. The WaterWatt Project " – Improvement of energy efficiency in industrial water circuits" – began in April 2016 and had as main objective to increase energy efficiency in industrial water circuits, through online tools of self-assessment, benchmarking and decision support.During 3 years of project development, 11 case studies were carried out in partner countries in different sectors such as food industry, steel industry, paper industry, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry. WaterWatt, coordinated by the DECHEMA Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, is part of a consortium of 5 partners, portugal (ISQ), Germany (BFI), Norway (SINTEF), Italy (LINKS) and the United Kingdom (Cardiff University School of Social Sciences) and was funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. WaterWatt Project Results: * WaterWatt Mobile App: * WaterWatt E3 platform:


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