ISQ launches in Portugal 1st. Specialization in automation, robotics and industrial control i4.0

ISQ will launch the first Specialization in "Automation, Robotics and Industrial Control" and which fits the strategy of promotion of Industry 4.0 and aims to prepare professionals to design and implement processes of robotization and industrial automation. "This is an innovative course that attests well to the proactivity of ISQ in the field of Training, which is one of the areas in which ISQ has been affirmed over the years through a team of professionals of excellence who are dedicated to this area," says Pedro Matias, President of ISQ. In this context, ISQ will also provide a production line and didactic robots, with all means of control, command and monitoring that will serve as the object of work and training throughout the training. This Specialization will allow several professional certifications with national and international recognition. We live in an era of profound digital transformation and industry 4.0 is a reality that becomes possible due to technological advances related to information technology and engineering. "ISQ, in pursuit of its mission to support development and innovation in the industry, once again stands alongside companies in this new challenge by launching this Specialization in Portugal because companies have several training needs in this area, either through intra-company training or by our trainers," says Pedro Matias, president of ISQ. "We are in a time of industrial transformation when many companies are automating/robotizing work processes in order to increase efficiency and margin," he adds. In Portugal there are few professionals with the necessary skills for the programming of robots, automation of industrial lines and, consequently, for maintenance. The degrees and master's degrees existing in our universities do not often provide "skills" for specific programming in certain languages, and there is still no training that integrates so many competencies together: programming of automata for industrial automation, programming of robots for industrial robotization, instrumentation for monitoring processes. ISQ has in this training the partnership of the main players in the market in the area of robotics, automation and industrial instrumentation. This Specialization is intended for Graduates in Electrotechnical Engineering, Electronics and Automation, Control and Instrumentation and Electromechanics, Maintenance Technicians, Industrial Programming or Automated Systems, Integrators and Systems Installers and is scheduled to begin in November. It can be attended by holders of other degrees or 12th. year of schooling through the presentation of relevant professional experience.


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