ISQ wins "The Best of Technological Portugal" Award with innovative Indoor Farming solution

For the second consecutive year, ISQ receives an award, this time in the sustainability category of "The Best of Technological Portugal", an initiative of Exame Informática that annually awards to people and organizations that distinguish themselves in the area of Science, Technology and Innovation. These awards are the oldest in Portugal from the responsibility of a media agency and dedicated to areas of innovation. This year ISQ was the absolute winner in the sustainability category with the innovative agricultural production solution in Indoor Vertical Farming (IVF) with Grow to Green, a spin-off of the ISQ Group that is brought to market this novelty. It is "extremely pertinent how they are using different technologies and concepts for a final result that outlines what we stand for should be the future of sustained agriculture that is ultimately critical to our perpetuation on an increasingly threatened planet, highlighting the ingenuity of the innovative approaches put in place by Grow To Green" highlights the jury of the award. For Pedro Matias, President of ISQ, "More than technology, we are talking about entrepreneurship and innovation focused on a market that can be worth millions. It was this spirit that presided over the emergence of this innovative solution, in a partnership between ISQ and ARALAB." Grow to Green is a company of the ISQ Group and the ARALAB Group and aims to commercialize IVF solutions. "Given the high level of control, Grow to Green intends to provide the industry with a production platform that allows the production of continuously, without external climatic interference, without chemical and/or biological contamination and with total logistical predictability", adds Pedro Matias. Grow to Green's Indoor Vertical Farming technology thus allows the production of quality vegetables with greater water efficiency and total food safety in which they stand out: precise control of temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, air speed, nutrition and lighting, ensuring the perfect conditions for plant growth throughout the year. You get super-clean vegetables. With this technology, "G2G can produce products of high added value for all countries that, due to climate challenges, have to import much of what they consume," concludes the PRESIDENT of ISQ. In Portugal there are already for sale salads and aromatic herbs in selected places such as Manteigaria Silva, mercado da Ribeira, and Intermarché in Lagos. It should be noted that last year ISQ was distinguished in the mobility category in "The Best of Technological Portugal" with the QART solution, an ISQ brand developed in partnership with Quantico. It is an innovative box that allows you to monitor air quality, noise and traffic in real time. It can be very useful in companies, airports, municipalities, schools, ports, in sectors such as tourism or industry. IVF


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