ISQ is on the "Path of Innovation'19" talking about i4.0

What are i4.0's applications in the water sector? And what are the advantages? ISQ answers this question by addressing i4.0 | technologies of the future and its application in industry, in the "Path of Innovation'19 – Expo & Networking", organized by Águas do Tejo Atlântico. In the water sector, ISQ has participated and coordinated several European projects, such as WaterWatt ( focused on optimizing the energy efficiency of industrial water circuits using computational models and gamification techniques, or the Life SWSS project ( ), where the goal is the development of a platform for optimizing water supply systems, including techniques of forecasting consumption, monitoring and energy analysis, or leak ing. WaterWatt aims to improve the energy efficiency of industrial water circuits through online self-assessment, benchmarking and decision support tools. The development of the "E3 platform" aims to disseminate "know-how" in energy efficiency using gamification, allowing industries to simulate their water circuits and identify energy optimization measures without the need for knowledge or experience in simulation. This is a project that aims to increase energy efficiency in industrial water circuits. Coordinated by DECEHEMA, the German chemical association, ISQ is the only Portuguese partner, in a consortium of German, Norwegian, Italian and English companies. It should be noted that with the participation in WaterWatt, ISQ consolidates its research experience with regard to water-energy connection, and fulfills its mission of scientific and technological support to the national industry. In the case of the Life SWSS – Smart Water Supply System, we are talking about innovative strategies based on artificial intelligence (AI) that allow the water industry to operate its systems in a more efficient, safe and lower energy costs. This is an ISQ-led program that aims to demonstrate a digital platform with simulation, forecasting and optimization models to support the operation of water supply systems. It aims to reduce water losses, energy consumption (-15%) and greenhouse gas emissions by making systems smarter. It has partners Grupo Águas de Portugal, ADP LVT/EPAL, Águas do Algarve (AdP), Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) and Hidromod. It is unavoidable that water should play a central role in the "transition to the Circular Economy", in particular in terms of optimising its uses, reducing consumption and losses, using rainwater, reusing waste water (treated for compatible purposes and valuing slous from treatment plants and livestock effluents), as a source of organic matter, nutrients and energy, which can be recovered and reused, observing the quality criteria required. It is also essential to take account of the European Circular Economy Action Plan, part of the EU 2020 Initiative, in a Europe more efficient in terms of strategic resources, the main benefits of which focus on the security of its supply and the efficiency of its use – "water security", in particular. ### Research and development is one of isq's core activities, contributing to national technical and scientific skills, focusing on topics such as low carbon solutions, resource efficiency, eco-efficiency, advanced materials, laboratory services, asset management, production processes, industry 4.0.


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