ISQ is the latest partner of the José Neves Foundation

ISQ is the latest partner of the José Neves Foundation to support students in accessing lifelong training and creating skills for the future. ISQ Academy has partnered with the José Neves Foundation's ISA (Income Share Agreement) Program to finance the training and education of all those seeking to invest in a future professional career. "In a difficult year like this that we are living in, and in which unemployment is increasing, the fact that we can contribute with high added value training and supported within the José Neves Foundation is a huge satisfaction for us and a source of pride," says Pedro Matias, President of the ISQ Group. The programme is intended for all interested parties, employees and unemployed persons, who wish to acquire or upgrade their skills (upskill or reskill), to improve their professional career or employ themselves. "The "Share Agreement" model is innovative since it allows access to training, relieving the initial barrier of investment, that is, the payment of tuition fees. The idea is to study first and gain skills, and only then do you repay the amount of tuition. The creation of the José Neves Foundation is an innovative project and a breath of fresh air for many young people and so we all have to boost this plan of its Founder", adds the President of ISQ, Pedro Matias. Carlos Oliveira, Executive President of the José Neves Foundation, explains the reasons that led the Foundation to create the ISA FJN Program: "In recent decades, society and the labor market, in particular, have been facing profound and rapid transformations. As a consequence of these changes there are new professions that are created, others that disappear and others whose functions are changing over time. We therefore need to prepare the Portuguese to face the challenges of the future. This mission can only be successful if we invest in an Education focused on skills that are aligned with the needs of the world of work." Portugal also has this innovative program for access to education, based on the income share agreement model. Aimed at students and also all those who are already in the labor market, the FJN ISA will facilitate the access of the Portuguese to courses and training where there is a great need for talent. The student will only refund this support if and when they reach the goals set. The Advanced Training courses offered by ISQ Academy, eligible for application for this ISA Program, the Automation, Robotics and Industrial Control course, Welding Engineering course, Welding Inspector, Welding Coordination course for EN 1090, Quality Engineering course, and Lean Management course stand out. ISQ Academy's Advanced Training, particularly in the areas of Management and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematic), "ensures high levels of employability, associating these courses with a program whose mission is to transform Portugal through the development of human potential and knowledge of society," says Margarida Segard, Director of ISQ Academy.


ISQ is a private, independent entity that delivers value through integrated and innovative engineering, inspection, testing, testing and training services solutions.

Present in 14 countries and with 7 offices in Portugal, ISQ supports its customers in reducing risk, improving operational performance and increasing competitiveness. multidisciplinary teams that help clients to align their business objectives with applicable regulations and standards and in meeting their goals in the areas of quality, safety, asset management and environmental and social responsibility.

Industry, Technology and Innovation are the premises that guide the work developed by ISQ, which already has more than 500 international Innovation projects and more than 17,000 professional training courses.

ISQ supports industry development and innovation on a global scale, with service solutions for the Oil & Gas, Energy, Aeronautics and Aerospace, Process Industry, Health, Mobility and Smart Cities, Transport and Infrastructure and Agribusiness sectors.


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