ISQ brings to Portugal one of the largest technological innovation projects in the world, ITER

From agriculture to space, through industry and sustainable cities, there are several solutions that will be presented by the ISQ Group at planetiers world gathering (PWG), the largest international event on sustainable innovation that takes place at the Altice Arena in Lisbon on October 22 and 23. On the 22nd ISQ will be at Communities Stage, one of the stages that will host several international speakers, with the theme "Innovation inside the country: We belong to tomorrow's day", to present solutions and discuss the future challenges of sustainability. With you also brings to the stage the leaders of the largest scientific investment today that aims at the production of clean energy, ITER, a project in which ISQ has collaborated for several years in the training, inspection and development of technologies. This scientific project will be presented at impact stage by Bernard Bigot. As an entity that invests heavily in innovation and sustainable development, ISQ will make known several technological solutions that meet challenges under the Sustainable Development Goals. "Through Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning and IoT processes, ISQ has been developing integrated solutions tailored to its customers, especially for the leading industrial sectors with the process, aeronautics, aerospace, renewable energy, food and pharmaceutical industries," explains Pedro Matias, President of the ISQ Group. To promote Sustainable Agriculture, for example, ISQ has developed an integrated technology platform – Intelicrop – which, through Earth Observation via satélie and data science, allows monitoring agricultural variables, providing reliable information and forecasts on production, agricultural indicators, vegetation indices, or phytosanitary risks, in advance, helping to develop preventive actions against plant health problems or to improve crop management. Also in this area, he designed an IoT device – Smartgreenhouse – that monitors greenhouses, allowing to measure in real time several indicators (such as temperature, air humidity, luminosity, humidity in the soil, among others). These solutions contribute to sustainable agriculture by increasing knowledge of culture and intervening variables. As part of the promotion of Clean and Sustainable Cities, ISQ has created a recipe for manufacturing building elements, namely bricks, which incorporates cigarette butts. With this solution, called E-brick, you get a lighter product, with better insulation properties and that reduces by 60% the energy consumption required for its production. At issue is the reuse and recycling of municipal waste by integrating cigarette snares into the composition of traditional bricks, leveraging related activities that, through research and development, can give rise to new products. Still at the level of cities, ISQ presents an accredited solution for noise and vibration monitoring: an acoustic antenna. As noise is one of the most important environmental health risks, this antenna contributes to improving sustainability and reducing environmental risks to the health and well-being of the human population. In the aerospace area, ISQ integrates two projects of the greatest relevance in this sector. It is a probe for Mars, an innovative engineering solution that creates an atmospheric re-entry capsule that promises to be a benchmark in new developments for space missions, for exploration of Mars. You have a simpler, lighter solution, 25% below the maximum weight required, and with reduced production costs. In addition, the first microsatellite Portuguese, called Infante, aims to demonstrate the national capacity to design, build, integrate, test and operate a demonstrator of a microsatellite in low orbit (500 km of altitude). It is an R&D project for the development and demonstration in orbit of technology for a small satellite, precursor to the observation of constellations seen from Earth, for maritime applications and communications. In the aeronautical sector, ISQ contributes with the development of an innovative prototype for a virtual reality mobile device – AIRMES – which aims to support and optimize aeronautical maintenance, allowing to reduce the time of documentation demand and, therefore, reduce the probability of human failure, since it is focused on the maintenance of parts and work areas of difficult access and low visibility. And to help digitize the industry, ISQ has developed SIM 4.0, an Intelligent Monitoring System that aims to transfer scientific and technological knowledge to the industrial fabric, thus contributing to overcome some information and knowledge gaps about advanced technologies and their application in industrial systems. »«

The event features renowned national and international speakers such as Mohan Munasinghe, winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, Gina McCarthy, 13th Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) between 2013 and 2017, Daymond John, American entrepreneur and investor, personality of the well-known television show Shark Tank, Miguel Bastos Araújo, biogeographer, expert in the study of the effects of climate change on biodiversity and winner of the Person award and Pauli Gunther, by many considered one of the founders of circular economy.


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