ISQ ACADEMY advocates innovative continuing education

If today basic education is three times that of 40 years ago, it is also true that we increasingly need to continue learning and studying throughout working life, long after we have left school, to face the challenges of modern life. Vocational or specialized training can be the key to better professional performance, hierarchical promotion or to realize a long-standing dream. But if training is important, more important is to have access to quality training, training based not only on knowing how to teach, but also on knowing how to do, a know-how based on great experience to perform the functions that are being taught and to overcome the challenges they pose. ISQ Academy has a professional training offering comprising 34 areas of knowledge. It thus contributes to the development and improvement of the performance of companies, through the valorization of their staff. Develops innovative projects for training, qualification and certification of people in more than 40 countries on all continents. Today it already totals more than 20,000 vocational training courses totaling 225,000 graduates. The ISQ Academy has participated in several forums, notably in the Conferences of the European Commission where "the new paths for vocational training in Europe" have been discussed. In this sense, new training formats are advocated, more attractive, using digital technologies, continuous training paths throughout life, in the form of models of rapid learning (elearning) in order to allow just updates in time. This Academy has had the ability to design and boost innovative training solutions, associated with R&D activities, in cutting-edge technological areas, supported by digital technology (simulators, augmented reality) and aimed at the most diverse audiences, from young people to senior company managers.  ISQ ACADEMY Training Areas: SOFT SKILLS; LEADERSHIP; TRAINING OF TRAINERS; INNOVATION MANAGEMENT; ENTREPRENEURSHIP; COMMERCIAL AND SALES; TRANSFORMATION 4.0; IOT & DATA; AUTOMATION; PROGRAMMING; ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING; 3D PRINTING; AGRI-FOOD INDUSTRY; WELDING, ADHESIVES AND BONDING TECHNOLOGIES; NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING; METALLURGY; SECURITY; LOGISTICS; MAINTENANCE; QUALITY; SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY; SUSTAINABILITY AND SDS; CIRCULAR ECONOMY; STRATEGIC AND OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT; LEAN, LEAN, LEAN, LEAN, ENVIRONMENT; RENEWABLE ENERGIES; ENERGY; OIL&GAS; ELECTRICITY AND ELECTRONICS; TELECOMMUNICATIONS; LABORATORIES; CONSTRUCTION.    


ISQ is a private, independent entity that delivers value through integrated and innovative engineering, inspection, testing, testing and training services solutions.

Present in 14 countries and with 7 offices in Portugal, ISQ supports its customers in reducing risk, improving operational performance and increasing competitiveness. multidisciplinary teams that help clients to align their business objectives with applicable regulations and standards and in meeting their goals in the areas of quality, safety, asset management and environmental and social responsibility.

Industry, Technology and Innovation are the premises that guide the work developed by ISQ, which already has more than 500 international Innovation projects and more than 17,000 professional training courses.

ISQ supports industry development and innovation on a global scale, with service solutions for the Oil & Gas, Energy, Aeronautics and Aerospace, Process Industry, Health, Mobility and Smart Cities, Transport and Infrastructure and Agribusiness sectors.


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